Kim & Dave

brehon killarney wedding photographer

Kim and Dave were married in St. Mary’s Cathedral and held their fun filled reception in the Brehon hotel in Killarney. The girls got ready that morning in Pat O’Neill’s style suite in the Brehon hotel and the guys got ready in a house nearby so I was able to visit both that morning which was great! The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the style was out in full force!

Things I loved about Kim & Dave’s wedding:

  • The atmosphere in Pat O’Neill’s style suite that morning. It was so relaxed and chilled out and but with a lot of laugh-out-loud moments too!
  • Zack and Mathew, the two page boys, were very entertaining – from trying to tickle my camera with a feather they had found to having a good old brotherly brawl during the speeches!
  • The music during the ceremony – even though I lost a lot of macho kudos when I was chatting to the musicians about a song I had recognised and it was from Love Actually!
  • The location we had planned to use for the bridal party photographs in our initial meeting 2 years ago didn’t work out BUT we found somewhere even better.
  • The love quotes at each of the tables at the reception.
  • The speeches! There were some great stories told, with the culprit of moped incident of 2001 finally revealed! 😉
  • Having my camera borrowed by some guests on the dance floor to get a photo with me in it – definitely a first!

Some kind words from Kim & Dave:

“From the moment I met you 2 years ago to the last second of the evening of our wedding it was nothing but a laid back cool approach but with complete and utter professionalism – I don’t know how you manage to get such a good balance. You felt like part of the wedding that day, snapping away quietly and then guiding us for every other photo to make sure that we got the best we could get for our pictures.

We really enjoyed your company on the day as did everyone else, we adored your slideshow and everyone was raving about the quality and how fab it was to see it play out.
Can’t wait to see the final pictures!!”
Thanks a million to Kim and Dave for having me there to document a great wedding. Here are a few of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Gemma & Colin

bunratty wedding photography

Gemma and Colin were married in Monaleen church and held their reception in the Bunratty Castle Hotel. Colin is a bit of a romantic and swept Gemma off her feet by taking her to the Hurlers Bar on their first date! 😉 They are a sweet couple and their wedding had a sweet theme, with a sweet table, sweets on their cake and sweet centrepieces.

Things I loved about Gemma & Colin’s wedding:

  • If there was an award for being laid back, these two would be world champs! I don’t think anything would faze them.
  • Gemma is very close to her grandparents and it was lovely to see her grandmother helping her get into her wedding dress.
  • One guest, just for the fun of it, dressed up as John Travolta from Grease! It was based around a surprise guest appearance from the man himself at Gemma’s hen party. 😉 A few jaws dropped when he first appeared, but Gemma just smiled and said “I love it”!
  • Both Gemma’s step dad and her grandfather walked her up the aisle, swapping half way.
  • Mons. Dan’s comment that their mothers were like twins!
  • Clive, Best Man Extraordinaire, who doesn’t drink but went along with it when I got all the groomsmen to make use of their hip flasks – sorry again!
  • Colin’s speech which was equally touching and very funny.

Some kind words from Gemma & Colin:

“Thank you so much for everything you did for our wedding.  You were so easy to have around (even during the couple of stressful moments while we were getting ready!).We cannot wait to see all of the photographs, the slideshow you did on the night was amazing!  Everyone commented on it and said they can’t wait to see the rest when we have them.  All of the wedding party loved working with you as well, they couldn’t believe how easy it was to have the photos taken.  A few of them don’t particularly like having their photo taken so were dreading that part of the day but they were said it went so smoothly and quickly that they didn’t mind it at all.”
Here are a few of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Cathy & Declan

listowel wedding photography

Cathy and Declan are living in Perth so I didn’t get to meet them until a few days before their wedding. They were so laid back and relaxed that I knew their wedding day would be great. They were married in Raheenagh church and had their reception in the Listowel Arms. Coming home from so far away and spending a few days surrounded by everyone that is close to you must be amazing – Cathy and Delcan were beaming all day!

Even though they grew up fairly close to each other, Cathy and Declan met in Australia. Declan often gets a bit of a slagging from his friends that he had to travel half way around the world to meet a girl from down the road. His answer? “It was worth the trip!”.

Things I loved about Cathy & Declan’s wedding:

  • The GAA themed invites.
  • Cathy’s uncle’s Morris Minor which was used as their wedding car.
  • Cathy’s mother taking out her wedding album that morning. It was so nice in the age of digital-everything to see it. Who knows, maybe Cathy and Declan will be pulling their wedding album for the same reason some time!
  • The girls bunny and sheep outfits – hilarious!
  • How everyone was up for a bit of fun, from walking around outside wearing nothing but a towel on the morning of the wedding to giving it socks on the dance floor!
  • The lads playing football in the park during the photo session.
  • Bumping into one of my best friends from primary school who I haven’t seen since 6th class!
Here are a few of my favourite images from their wedding day…

Jackie & Bruce

adare wedding photographer

Jackie and Bruce are living in Glasgow, but they came home to Adare where Jackie grew up to get married. They had their wedding in the Holy Trinity Abbey Church in Adare and held their reception just down the road in the Woodlands Hotel.

When I arrived in Jackie’s house that morning I noticed a family photograph from her sister’s wedding hanging on the wall. The groom looked very familiar and it turned out he was a great friend of mine back in secondary school! What are the odds?! Not only was it great to catch up with Wil, but his daughter Kate was the flower girl and was definitely the star of the show. She’s a lucky girl to be surrounded by such a great and loving family.

Things I loved about Jackie & Bruce’s wedding:

  • The land rover Bruce organised as a surprise wedding car for Jackie.
  • The flowers. It’s funny, it’s not something I usually notice but the the bouquets and flowers at the church looked great.
  • Fr. Chris’ sermon. The giant granny was visiting Limerick at the time which was his inspiration. I love his sermons, they are always so personal and meaningful.
  • The random squeaks during the ceremony from the toy being used to keep Kate entertained.
  • Having nice weather to go to the park in Adare for the family and bridal party photographs.

Some kind words from Jackie & Bruce:

“Thank you so much for your hard work on the day.  I don’t envy you trying to manage a group of over-excited adults but you made it look easy.  I can’t wait to see the photographs!”
Here are a few of my favourite images from their wedding day…

Mary & Andy

kilmallock wedding photography

Mary’s sister Ruth was a bridesmaid for Nuala and Ger’s wedding a few years back so when we randomly bumped into each other and she mentioned her sister was getting married she practically booked her in there and then!

I usually meet up with people before their wedding for a chat but because I’d met Ruth (and I figured she couldn’t be that different from her sister) I didn’t actually meet Mary and Andy until their wedding day. The morning of the wedding I spotted a huge bag full of inflatable instruments for the dance floor that night and I knew it was going to be a great day!

Things I loved about Mary & Andy’s wedding:

  • When I arrived at Mary’s house that morning her mother Bernie was probably the most excited person I’ve ever seen on a wedding day! It was contagious! That morning was a lot of fun (apart from the occasional wasp making it’s way into the kitchen and bringing everything to a halt!).
  • Bernie’s reaction to seeing Mary in her wedding dress for the first time.
  • Mary and Andy’s customised altar cloth. I’ve never seen anything like it before.
  • While we were in Doneraile Park taking some photographs Martin, the best man, shouted over “Mary, your sisters are filthy…… I love them!”.
  • The wedding cake which Mary made herself, and the cake table which was made from a tree that had fallen in the storms.
  • Ruth practically proposing to her boyfriend during the speeches! 😉
  • The dance floor. It was epic! I stayed way longer than usual it was so much fun!
  • Edel Murphy. (She has to get a mention!)

Some kind words from Mary & Andy:

“Thank you so much for doing such a fantastic job at our wedding, we really appreciate all the hard work and effort you put in and the slideshow was a show stopper!”
Here are some of my favourite images from their wedding day…