Sharon & Tom

lakeside hotel killaloe wedding photographer photo (1)

Sharon and Tom held their entire wedding the Lakeside Hotel in Killaloe. Given the weather we had that day, it turned out to be a genius idea! Having everything under the one roof meant that the weather didn’t matter and everyone had a great time (especially at the rowdy Bellisimo table! ;)). Sharon and Tom have a great mutual sense of humour so it was a pleasure to hang out with them for the day and tell their wedding story.

Here are some things I loved about Sharon and Tom’s wedding:

  • The rainbow arching over the hotel when I arrived. Little did I know that would be my last photograph outside!
  • Nathan, the ring king.
  • Tom’s reaction to the gift Sharon got for him.
  • Sharon’s wedding shoes. Sure, they weren’t the most comfortable pair of shoes in the world, but they were pretty spectacular – and their names and wedding date were printed inside too.
  • Sharon and her Dad sticking their tongues out at Sharon’s mother as they walked down the aisle, mimicking a photo from Sharon’s parents wedding day.
  • Sharon’s brother going rogue during his reading and adding his own verses.
  • Keano quickly attaching a ball and chain to Tom’s ankle the second the ceremony was over!
  • The signing frame and date night ideas.
  • The junior Atomic Chickens! 😉

Here is a small selection of some of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Jenny & James

springfort hall wedding photographer (1)

Jenny and James were married in Athlacca church and held their reception in Springfort Hall. I had photographed James’ sister Trish’s wedding a few years ago so it was great to meet up with their family again. When I met up with Jenny and James to go through the plan for their wedding they had two interesting things on their list – the first was to get a photo with the huge tree on the lawn outside Springfort Hall which was full of Autumn colour. When we arrived the sun was just setting but there was a tiny sliver of light still falling on the tree – phew! The second thing was to incorporate radiography (which Jenny works at) and chickens (which James works with). You’ll have to scroll down to see the results of that! 😉

Here are some things I loved about Jenny and James’ wedding:

  • An unexpected slap on the bum.
  • Liam Óg getting to be a grown up for the day and Mary Kate being a flower girl for the FOURTH time!
  • Gary’s reaction to Jenny coming down the stairs in her wedding dress.
  • CHEWBACCA!!!!! (Saying “cheese” for photographs is so last year!)
  • The most talented collection of hurlers in a receiving line I’ve ever photographed.
  • Beautiful, crisp, golden Autumn light. (The photographer nerd in me was doing a happy dance!)
  • Siobhán – where do I even start?! 😉
  • The A-team entrance music.
  • The groomsmen chicken dance!

Here is a small selection of some of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Sarah & Ciarán

armada spanish point wedding photographer photo (1)

Sarah and Ciarán were married in Ballynacally church and held their reception in the Armada Hotel in Spanish Point. When we met to go through the plan for their day I was WARNED to be careful with certain members of the bridal party – let’s just say that they “like to have the craic”. As I drew asterisks next to their names I knew it was shaping up to be a great day. And it was! With a healthy Limerick/Clare rivalry between the families and joking from start to finish it was a lot of fun. Not only that, but with Ireland not making it through to the final of the rugby world cup we even managed to get Ciarán away from the television to take some photographs! 😉

Here are some things I loved about Sarah and Ciarán’s wedding:

  • Aoife, who despite looking like Elsa, was going trick or treating after the wedding dressed as a Witch Bride. However, she only broke into nervous giggling when I asked who the witch bride was marrying!
  • Incorporating Sarah and Ciarán’s obsession with Scrabble.
  • The “Bridesmaid Express”!!
  • Cillian’s sense of humour – “she’s not a little girl any more Dad!”
  • That wedding car.
  • Mac managing to hold it together. Barely. 😉
  • Audín and Arwen’s outfits – they looked like something out of a fairytale.
  • Duke, their dog, turning up at the church to say hello. Usually when pets turn up they are wearing cute little outfits – but not Duke – he was wearing a waistcoat that I imagine would be too big for any grown man!
  • A beautiful Autumn sunset.
  • The speeches – there were some great stories shared, but I reckon it was only scratching at the surface!

Here is a small selection of some of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Alison & John

lakeside killaloe wedding photographer photo (1)

Alison and John were married in Ogonelloe church and held their reception in the Lakeside Hotel Killaloe. I don’t know where to even start in summarising their wedding day – there was so much going on and such an incredible amount of thought and effort put into it that it’s can’t be condensed into a paragraph. John is hands down the most romantic groom I’ve ever met – I would put every man to shame if I listed everything he did in the run up to the wedding. However, one thing that stands out is presenting his future bride with golden envelopes in the lead up to the big day (along with a bonus golden envelope on bank holidays!) which contained gifts and surprises – culminating in a once in a lifetime experience when Alison gets to feed penguins on their honeymoon. Incredible! Between them they make the dream team for not only coming up with great ideas but making them happen. I’d love to have their wedding day all over again – it all went by too fast.

It was also my first double wedding – not only did Alison and John get married, but the bears decided to tie the knot too! 😉

Big Lesson Learned: Dried, pressed leaves do NOT make good confetti! 😉 (However, if you ever need to hit someone in the face with a huge quantity of leaves in the shortest time dried, pressed leaves are the way to go.)

Here are some things I loved about Alison and John’s wedding:

  • Hanging out with John and the groomsmen for a little while that morning – what a great bunch of lads. From emotional cards and personalised gifts to one man’s determination to grow his hair until he’s walking on it to drinking empty pints – it was great craic!
  • Turning up to the bride’s house to find her dressed as a penguin (of course), complete with beak and flippers, harassing her neighbours with trick or treat.
  • Lucky, the camper van.
  • The nervous look on Ted Bed Glynn’s face as he waited anxiously at the top of the aisle for Lucy Lilly Glynn. 😉
  • Fr. Chris delivering an epic sermon (as always). As he said himself he was spoiled for choice with these two – but in the end his tea towel inspired (pillow slip) Winnie The Pooh quotes were brilliant.
  • Dan’s MC skills – he would give Mr. Motivator a run for his money! 😀
  • A Lord Of The Rings sword to cut the cake (and randomly knight people when they weren’t looking!).
  • Personally carved pumpkins on each table, as well as a chapter from their story.
  • Alison and John presenting a mini birthday cake to their guests who had celebrated big birthdays that year which they had missed.
  • The surprise choir.
  • Alison’s dancing shoes.

Here is a small selection of some of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Louise & Mark

doolin cliffs wedding photographer (0)

You might remember Louise and Mark from their fantastic (but very, very, VERY wet) wedding in Hotel Doolin a few weeks back. It poured rain for their entire wedding day – but a few weeks later we met up again, Louise and Mark put their wedding clothes back on and we went and took photographs at all the places we had originally planned on going to (along with a few more for good measure!). It was such a laugh and we met some interesting characters along the way (from Spanish student tourists who followed us around, to some random paparazzi to a crazy hen party dressed as old ladies) – but the best part was that we got to go places you wouldn’t usually get to go on a wedding day AND we weren’t under any pressure for time so it was really relaxed.

Here is a little taste…

Linda & Scot

glenlo abbey wedding photographer photo (00)

Linda and Scot met through Facebook. They had a lot of mutual friends so they ended up having each other as Facebook friends even though they had never met. Scot eventually plucked up the courage to invite Linda out for dinner. When the date came around, Linda wasn’t so sure about it but her daughter convinced her to go and the rest is history. Scot, who has self confessed CDO (that’s OCD but with the letters in alphabetical order – as should be!;)), took charge of organising their wedding during their trip to Ireland.

I finally met them at Glenlo Abbey after they had driven down from Dublin (carefully navigating roundabouts along the way!). We were lucky to get great weather – and we made the most of it by exploring the grounds and taking casual photographs before getting the official business under way. Scot even taught Linda a thing or two about golf! (And, as you can see below, Linda is a quick learner!) It’s always a privilege to be there to witness two souls coming together – and all the more so when there were no guests – and I enjoyed every minute of it.

After the ceremony we went to a beautiful forest I had found which looked amazing with it’s Autumn colours. We made a very quick visit to the beach too just as the sun was setting – it couldn’t have worked out any better!

Here are some things I loved about Linda and Scot’s wedding:

  • The grounds of Glenlo Abbey – we could have spent hours wandering around them taking photographs.
  • Linda sinking that 15ft putt on her first attempt! (Probably a combination of the luck of the Irish and beginner’s luck! 😉 )
  • The virtual congregation – the Skype table where (through the wonders of technology) three iPhones and an iPad allowed member of Scot and Linda’s families to join in the celebration.
  • The most emotional ceremony I’ve had the pleasure to photograph. There’s something beautiful about two people travelling half way around the world to make their vows to one another.
  • The surprise and delight when Dermot said that he had been secretly talking to their families on Facebook and had a message for them.
  • Their first dance to Ed Sheeran at the altar after the ceremony.
  • Incorporating Scot’s love of golf.
  • Laughing at their story about how many times their Dublin taxi driver dropped the f-bomb during a short taxi ride. Such an Irish thing!
  • That forest. Wow. I had found it a few weeks before and knew that in the right conditions it would look great. On the day the conditions were perfect! I love it when a plan comes together.
  • Making it to the beach for sunset with 30 seconds to spare! (And trying to compose the photographs so that guy in speedos wasn’t in them!)

Here is a small selection of some of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Fiona & William

adare dunraven wedding photographer photo (1)

Fiona and William were married in the Holy Trinity Abbey Church in Adare and held their reception in the Dunraven Arms. William is an accountant so rather than wearing a suit just like every other day, they decided to have a black tie wedding. It was a lovely touch and it added a bit of novelty to their day too. It was a great wedding, with a very relaxed vibe and a lot of fun – from the speeches to a singing waiter to the craic on the dance floor.

Here are some things I loved about Fiona and William’s wedding:

  • Fiona explaining how because she has big hands she needed a big rock!
  • Bertie, the cat, sleeping peacefully in the bird feeder.
  • Black bridesmaid dresses – unusual, but perfect for a black tie wedding.
  • Deirdre, undoubtedly the best bridesmaid ever. (Yes, she made me say that.) She also asked me to plug her newly launched Hire-A-Bridesmaid service – perfect for brides who do not have any sisters, or friends!
  • I don’t watch Game of Thrones, but I had to laugh when I was told that when I closed the doors of the church once Fiona and William were married that it was like the “Red Wedding” episode of GoT where all the guests were massacred. Sorry if I gave anyone a fright!
  • With the ceremony and reception so close together, William was determined to get a spin in the vintage car, so we got to go on a short adventure to the abbey.
  • A random tourist helping us out on the photoshoot! Thank you!
  • The wedding cake.
  • Fiona and William’s addictive sense of humour.
  • William finally finding someone to cook his dinner on Thursday and Friday. That’s the whole week sorted!

Here is a small selection of some of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Claire & Con

springfort hall wedding photographer photo (1)

Claire and Con finally made it official! On a beautiful Autumn day, they got married in Granagh church and held their reception in Springfort Hall. It was a lot of fun – they put their own unique stamp on the day and I reckon you won’t find a more relaxed bride and groom.

Claire’s family is tractor mad so it was only fitting that Claire went to the church in the cleanest tractor I’ve ever seen. A huge, powerful beast of a John Deere with some ribbons on it to jazz it up. As a male photographer, sometimes it can be a bit of an unusual situation hanging around with all the girls on the morning of a wedding with all the girly talk going on. But I’ve never felt more out of my depth than I did at Claire’s house that morning with all their talk of machinery and split differentials and torque!! 😉

Here are some things I loved about Claire and Con’s wedding:

  • Ham sandwiches – with a bit of cheese to spice them up a bit!
  • The irony of putting pink ribbons on that monster of a John Deere.
  • Recreating a photo at the door of the church with Con and his brothers that mimicked the same photo from a generation earlier. Well, apart from authentic 1970’s sideburns it was pretty close…
  • Conor. What a dote. Just look at that photo of him below walking up the aisle with the rings. Awwww!
  • You know the feeling of walking on new carpet? That.
  • The beautiful Autumn colours in Doneraile. We were there for less than 45 minutes – I could have stayed for hours!
  • Con getting “the urge”. 😉

Here is a small selection of some of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Mary & David

adare-wedding-photographer photo (31)

Mary and David were married in the Holy Trinity Abbey in Adare and held their reception just up the road in the Dunraven Arms Hotel. Mary and her bridesmaids got ready in the Dunraven Arms and Mary and her dad walked to the church together which was lovely. Thankfully the weather was kind to us and the ice cream cart at the reception went down a treat!

Here are some things I loved about Mary and David’s wedding:

  • DJ Philomena on the decks while the girls were getting ready.
  • Mary’s taste in music – she loves great Irish music and bands like The Coronas and Two Door Cinema Club kept popping up on the playlist.
  • The bouquet, which was really autumnal and featured blackberries among some other unusual flowers.
  • Exploring Desmond Castle.
  • Probably some of the cheesiest, tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic bridal party photographs I’ve been asked to do – but it was good fun!
  • Patricia on her violin entertaining the guests during the meal – it was a first for me and it really got everyone bringing out their inner Michael Flatley!
  • Stories of David’s voracious appetite during the speeches – I think ordering a pizza as a starter before his steak dinner pretty much sums it up!
  • The brass band (what a great sound) and Mary and David’s first dance – these guys have moves!

Here is a small selection of some of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Rachel & Mike

woodlands adare wedding photographer photo (1)

When Mike moved out of his house, little did he know that his future wife would move into the very room he had vacated! He kept in touch with his old house mates and two years later called in for a cup of tea where he finally met Rachel. Four days later they were on their first date! And the rest is history. They were married in Borrisokane church and held their reception in the Woodlands House Hotel in Adare. It was a lovely day filled with emotion and romance – hardly surprising from a bride who has been known to cry during a Barry’s Tea ad! 🙂

Here are some things I loved about Rachel and Mike’s wedding:

  • Their dogs Izzy and Ronnie – after countless attempts I finally got a photograph of them without them barking at me!
  • Lindsay’s Kardashian impression.
  • A contender for best dressed hair dresser of the year.
  • Everyone’s reaction to seeing Rachel in her dress for the first time.
  • Their wedding car. Johnny’s pride and joy.
  • The little glances and reassuring smiles between Rachel and Mike during the ceremony.
  • The music Rachel and Mike had chosen for their ceremony – which had an uncannily similar to the music I had at my own wedding.
  • Tea and sandwiches in the Green Bar.
  • Paying a surprise visit to Rachel’s granny.
  • Seán giving me a run for my money taking photographs!

Here is a selection of just a few of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…