Bríd & Seán

woodlands adare wedding photography (1)

The one thing you can’t control is the weather. Despite a beautiful day the day before, the skies opened on Bríd and Seán’s wedding day and just didn’t stop. We did get lucky though – during the bridal party photographs in Adare, the rain almost stopped for about 10 minutes! That was enough for us to quickly get some photographs with the help of umbrellas and they are some of my favourites from the day.

Some things I loved about Bríd and Seán’s wedding day were:

  • The mix and match socks (which turned out surprisingly accurate!)
  • Bríd’s steam punk style pocket watch gift for Seán.
  • Getting a photograph of Seán and the lads with their guns.
  • The flower girls practising their ballet moves.
  • An emotional walk up the aisle.
  • Getting a few “epic” images – despite the challenging weather.
  • The wedding cake. Lisa’s pièce de résistance!

Some kind words from Bríd and Seán:

We both want to thank you so much for Saturday. You were brilliant and such ease and calm – I was actually blown away when I saw the slideshow so I can’t wait to see the photos!!

Well here you go – here is a very small selection of some of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…