Ciara & Dave

armada hotel wedding photographer photo (1)

Ciara and Dave were married in the Star of the Sea church in Quilty and held their reception at the Armada Hotel in Spanish Point. There were a couple of minor glitches – the weather, a sprained ankle and the wind (which took it’s toll on a certain bridesmaid’s hair!) but they were far outweighed by the positives. It was a day filled of fun, love and a lot of laughter. I had the pleasure of previously photographing Dave’s sister Claire’s wedding (also in the Armada) so it was a treat to know both sides of the family.

Some things I loved about Ciara and Dave’s wedding day were:

  • Ciara’s dad Tom’s obvious pride in his two daughters. (Becoming a dad myself has definitely made me notice these things a lot more!)
  • I loved how Ciara’s parents had a photo from their wedding day on display that morning.
  • The full size cardboard cut out of Dave which survived the hen party and made it’s way back down from the attic that morning. (Even if it did frighten the life out of me when I walked into what I thought was an empty room!)
  • Ciara’s lipstick souvenir from the hen party – what a great idea.
  • All of the little details – the silver six pence on the bottom of Ciara’s Jimmy Choo’s, the something blue, the photos and collages of their relationship so far, the signs hanging in Ciara’s house, the cherry blossom tree table plan – loads of thoughtful little personal details.
  • Fr. Tom’s welcoming ceremony.
  • Getting lucky with five minutes on the way to the hotel where the rain was much lighter so we were able to quickly get some dramatic seaside photographs.
  • Ciara’s grandmother Bridie who cracked me up. I loved her sense of humour.
  • The speeches – especially Noel’s hilarious speech and Alan’s with those embarrassing photographs. 😉

Here is a small selection of some of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…