Gillian & Caolán

bunratty castle hotel wedding photographer photo (2)

Caolán was lucky enough to win his future bride Gillian in a game of poker in Australia (;)) and they travelled home to get married in her native Ballingarry. Their wedding was a great day – a relaxed family day out with a bit of welcome Australian sunshine. Plenty people chipped in to help out too – with Heather helping out with the planning and Gillian’s mother’s friend Ginny doing an amazing job with the flowers.

Some things I loved about Gillian and Caolán’s wedding day were:

  • Gillian’s gang of nieces and nephews – they are a great bunch and loved the camera (which was just as well because the adults took a bit more time to warm up to having me there!)
  • Getting the last few jobs done – ironing ribbon, writing a speech and practising walking up the aisle.
  • Mary Frances’ poetic reflection.
  • The Guinness Book of Records attempt at the longest ever “Falling Slowly” guitar solo! 😉
  • The gardens in the Mustard Seed. We were only there for twenty minutes but I could have spent hours there.
  • Caolán getting completely destroyed with lipstick on the very first kissing photo. That was the end of the kissing!
  • The outdoor reception in the sunshine at the Bunratty Castle Hotel.
  • The best man, Tiernan’s speech – a poem with some hilarious killer punchlines.

Here is a small selection of some of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…