Niamh & Paul

blackboard jungle wedding speech

A few weeks before Niamh and Paul’s wedding I got an intriguing top secret email from Niamh. It turns out Paul was a contestant on Blackboard Jungle when he was younger. Now, I know I have a lot of American readers of this blog so I must first explain what “Blackboard Jungle” is… Let’s just say in the 90s it was the biggest national televised quiz in the country. It was a pretty big deal. In fact it was such a big deal it was hosted by Ray D’Arcy (the Irish equivalent of Oprah). 🙂

Anyway…. Niamh managed to get her hands on a copy of the broadcast from the RTE archives. I edited it down to a “Best of Paul” shortened version and somehow, against all odds, it managed to stay a secret until the wedding day. It was hilarious! Luckily, Paul is a smart guy and really picked up his team in the rapid fire buzzer round. It was definitely one of the highlights of the day!

Things I loved about Niamh & Paul’s wedding:

  • Working with Val and Rachelle on hair and makeup again – they’re like a dream team!
  • The relaxed vibe in Niamh’s house that morning and the funny comments – when the girls were getting Niamh into her dress they were wearing a white cotton glove to keep it clean. They cracked me up with their Michael Jackson jokes!
  • I’m lucky enough to be the photographer for Niamh’s brother Brian’s wedding to Ashling next year too so it was great to get to know their family a little better.
  • Cratloe church. It’s such a lovely, intimate place to get married.
  • The guests cheering every time Paul got an answer correct on Blackboard Jungle. It was on par with the excitement of the 1990 World Cup Ireland vs Romania penalty shoot out!

Some kind words from Niamh & Paul:

“We can’t thank you enough for everything! It was a pleasure to have you in the house that morning you were so discreet and fitted in so well throughout the day. Numerous people came up to us throughout the day and commented on how brilliant you were. Paul is thinking of starting a Kevin Murphy fan club page on Facebook you had so many fans :)”
Of course, I do have a facebook page here if you do want to keep track of me! Here are some of my favourite images from their wedding day…

Chantel & Dwain

powerscourt wedding photography

After a little AM/PM confusion Chantel & Dwain arrived in Ireland from Chicago at crazy o’clock in the morning. A quick adventure in driving at the wrong side of tiny country roads and a few short hours of sleep later and I showed up at their hotel room to photograph their wedding day. What followed was one of the most fun, personal and real weddings I’ve photographed. We were joined by Romy for a beautiful ceremony beneath two ancient trees with the Sugarloaf mountain as a backdrop. It was emotional! Other than that it was just Chantel, Dwain and I hanging out and having fun.

Things I loved about Chantel & Dwain’s wedding:

  • How they both pushed through the exhaustion and jet lag that they must have been feeling and didn’t even mention it.
  • The ceremony. It was such a privilege to be there and not only experience their vows, but document them for their friends and family back home.
  • Chantel and Dwain were up for anything. They asked me if they could climb up on the side of the big pool outside of the hotel! That’s my kind of couple! 😉 No matter what I asked of them they just did it – which led us to some amazing images.
  • Chantel’s wedding dress. Amazing.
  • Some of the locations we had planned didn’t work out so we had to improvise a little – the location of the ceremony was somewhere I had found the day before when scouting. The final image below at sunset was another back up location I’d found. In the end it all worked out great.

Some kind words from Chantel & Dwain:

“Thank you for being super awesome and allowing us to kidnap you for the entire day! You truly are the best at what you do. We had the greatest time ever and it was worth every thorn prick and midges’ bite (I count 8 of them so far) that I received along the way! Thank you, Thank you, & Thank you again.”
Here are a few of my favourite images from their wedding day. I’ve also sprinkled in some thoughts and advice from Chantel and Dwain below.

Hazel & Paul

dunraven adare wedding photography

Hazel & Paul were married in the Holy Trinity Abbey Church in Adare and had their reception just up the road in the Dunraven Arms Hotel. One of the things I love about my job is that I get to spend time with families on a hugely important day of their lives. Hazel’s family couldn’t have been more welcoming. It was such a lovely atmosphere I knew it was going to be a great day.

And it was! The only downside was the weather. When we were starting to take some bridal party photographs there was a flash of lightning followed by the low rumble of thunder. We persevered and soon after there was another flash followed even more quickly by thunder – it was getting closer! We wrapped up as the first few drops of rain began to fall and a few minutes later I was trapped in my car in one of the heaviest showers I’ve ever seen! Phew!

Things I loved about Hazel & Paul’s wedding:

  • When I was in Hazel’s house that morning, I saw a quote “When a wife has a good husband, it is easily seen in her face”. That pretty much summed up the day with Hazel and Paul wearing beaming smiles for the entire day.
  • The playlist of music Catriona had put together for the morning preparations.
  • The little details Hazel had around the house that morning – I was like a kid in a sweet shop!
  • “The Andmeister” 😉
  • Going to Adare Castle to take photographs. It was cut short by the weather but it was a lot of fun!
  • The details in the Dunraven. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it looking so well. The bunting, candy bar, wedding cake (that Hazel’s mother had made), table plan and centrepieces were all amazing.

Here are some of my personal favourite photographs to give you a taste of their day…

Suzie & Gary

armada spanish point wedding photography

Suzie and Gary were married in Meanus church and had their reception in the Armada Hotel in Spanish Point. The Child of Prague did a great job and everyone was in high spirits. As well as stopping on the coast for some photographs with the bridal party, Suzie and Gary also drove to a personal location for a few more photographs. The weather was really sunny and windy which made things a bit challenging – but I’ll take that over rain any day!

Things I loved about Suzie and Gary’s wedding:

  • The pool table in their house. I was tempted to have a game myself but thought better of it seeing as it is surrounded by glass windows!
  • Suzie and all of the girls walking to the church from her house.
  • Corey’s suit and mini converse.
  • The flowers were fab, as were all the other little details like the boxes for the rings, the bike outside the church and the tables in the hotel.
  • Gary and Suzie driving their own wedding car. The journey between the church and the hotel is one of the few times a married couple get to spend alone so I’m sure they had a great chat.
  • Going to Seafield beach where Suzie’s mother used to go as a child.
  • The horse racing themed seating plan along with the form of each guest. Apparently Suzie “travels well over distance” and Gary is “in good nick”!

Some kind words from Suzie & Gary:

“Thanks again for being so amazing. You have great patience. And you are amazing at what you do!”

Here are some of my personal favourite photographs to give you a taste of their day…

Carmel & Brian

adare wedding photography

Carmel & Brian are a great couple. Every time I met them in the lead up to their wedding day I really enjoyed their company so I knew their wedding day was going to be great. They were married in Croom and had their reception in the Charleville Park Hotel. For their bridal party photographs we went to a top secret location and it was stunning! I love going to new places, it makes it so much more personal.

Things I loved about Carmel & Brian’s wedding:

  • The garden at Carmel’s house, it had obviously been well prepared for the big day!
  • The flower girls covering their ears when singing started in the church!
  • The location for the bridal party photography. The light on the day was challenging so I didn’t get to do a few things I had planned, but it was still a beautiful place to go.
  • Brian’s sense of humour. And Carmel’s endless positivity.
  • CURTS!

Here are some of my personal favourite photographs to give you a taste of their day…

Áine & Jack

adare wedding photogrraphy

Aine & Jack were married in Manister Church and held their reception in the Woodlands House Hotel in Adare. These guys put the party in wedding party! It was great fun from start to finish and I really enjoyed being there to capture it all.

Things I loved about Áine & Jack’s wedding:

  • The excitement that morning as the girls got ready in Revas Spa in the Woodlands. When Orla (the flowergirl) turned up she got swept off her feet in the world’s biggest hug from Áine – her feet were dangling in the air!
  • Jack and his brothers’ sense of humour – it was a lot of fun once I realised they were more likely to do the exact opposite of anything I asked them to do! 😉
  • The singing in the church – I love it when the family get involved.
  • Going somewhere personal for the bridal party photographs. We went to “the track”, not only was it a great location with a lovely river running through it but it was also the location that Áine and Jack hung out at when they started going out which made it even more personal.
  • Áine’s brother Brian’s speech. It was equally touching and hillarious. (Although he purposely made sure I had “Bonfire Heart” stuck in my head for about a week after the wedding!)
  • The rest of the speeches were great too, even their priest got in on the action and had more than a few people crying with laughter!

Some kind words from Áine & Jack:

We had a ball. We loved every minute of our day. Jack and I would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for the fantastic job you did on our wedding day. We loved your relaxed approach and your sense of humour. It was lovely to see you join in with our laughs throughout the day.

Here are some of my personal favourite photographs to give you a taste of their day…