Kathleen & Brian

fanningstwon castle adare wedding photography

When Kathleen emailed me from Dallas to say that she was planning an intimate wedding in Fanningstown Castle in Adare I was very excited. It’s one of my favourite places to photograph weddings, not just because of the amazing location but also because the wedding there tend to be very intimate, personal and meaningful. Kathleen and Brian’s wedding was exactly that – a handful of guests, a willow tree and a promise.

I met Kathleen and Brian when they arrived in Ireland to have a chat about their wedding day plans. After Brian shared a few funny stories about his Irish driving experiences they admitted that all they wanted was one EPIC wedding photograph. No pressure then! The weather forecast was not good, so we weren’t sure whether we would be able to have the planned outdoor ceremony let alone go somewhere nice for that epic photograph! Thankfully, just as the ceremony was about to begin the sun came out. Phew!

Things I loved about Kathleen and Brian’s wedding:

  • Their relaxed attitude to the day. Kathleen made her own bouquet that morning and Brian cooked everyone dinner that night. Definitely one of the most chilled out weddings I’ve been at. 🙂
  • Carmen and Giulia who not only kept everyone entertained with their humour but also complimented every single person who came along to help on the wedding day.
  • Being welcomed into the group like I was one of the family.
  • Finding a field that morning which had just been cut and still had the gate open so that we could go get that epic photo!
  • Being given absolute free reign and trust to do whatever I thought would make a good photograph.
  • Getting lucky with the weather!
  • Kathleen and Brian’s first dance, on the lawn, beneath the willow tree where they said their vows.

Thanks to Kathleen for leaving a lovely review on my Facebook page too:

“I cannot rave enough about Kevin’s work! My husband hates taking pictures but that was pre-Kevin Murphy! He’s the best there is and my rating is 100 stars!!! Thank you Kevin for making our wedding day nothing short of a fairytale!!!”

Here are some of my personal favourite photographs to give you a taste of their day…

Sneak Peek – Ciara + Paul

castle oaks hotel wedding photography

I’ve been looking forward to Ciara and Paul’s wedding since I first met them. Each time we met, we ended up spending more time laughing than talking so I knew it was going to be a fun wedding! And it was! The weather was sunny, the guests were happy (thanks to an ice cream cart no doubt) and Ciara and Paul were enjoying every single minute. They were married in their local church in Monaleen and had their reception in the Castle Oaks House Hotel in Castleconnell.

Things I loved about Ciara and Paul’s wedding:

  • Ciara’s shoes which were specifically commissioned to be the blingiest (is that even a word?!) shoes ever. They certainly gave here turtle slippers a run for their money! 😉
  • Ciara and Paul’s house. Honestly, it’s like something out of an interior design brochure. I was spoilt for choice for interesting backgrounds.
  • How relaxed and natural Ciara and Paul were during the ceremony, helped along by Fr. Dan’s witty banter.
  • The personalised coasters at their reception which had photographs of them together through the years.
  • Selfies! They were all the rage – in fact I even got dragged into one myself!

Here are some of my personal favourite photographs to give you a taste of their day…

Sneak Peek – Stephani + Eanna

humanist wedding photography (44)

I’ve known Stephani and Eanna for a few years now so I was delighted to be asked to photograph their wedding. It was one of the most fun weddings I’ve ever photographed! You might think I’m biased – but I’ve got proof! They were married in a humanist ceremony in Sneem Hotel, and had their reception there too. The weather was amazing, the location was stunning and the guests were in party mode!

Things I loved about Stephani and Eanna’s wedding:

  • Where do I start…. having a good Irish breakfast especially cooked in Senan’s campervan was a pretty good start to the day!
  • Eanna arranged to have a card and a gift delivered to Stephani that morning by a “mystery man” wearing nothing but pants, cuffs and a horse’s head! (Quite possibly the most surreal moment I’ll ever photograph.)
  • The best man swapped out the rings from the box and replaced them with a bottle cap from a Schweppes bottle of water. Why? Because he reckoned “Eanna schwepped Stephani off her feet”!
  • Everyone got some confetti to throw over the bride and groom as they walked down the aisle, but somebody got a little over excited after the rings were exchanged and set off a chain reaction of impromptu confetti! It made for a great photograph though. 🙂
  • Probably the best opening line of a best man’s speech ever.
  • The dance floor. It was the best possible kind of crazy! Make sure you scroll all the way down! 😉

Here are some of my personal favourite photographs to give you a taste of their day…

Sneak Peek – Tanya + Mark

bunratty wedding photography photo

Tanya and Mark were married in Manister church and had their reception in the Bunratty Castle Hotel. The star of the show was their beautiful daughter Emmy who spent the whole day being oohed and aahed over! When I met Tanya and Mark to discuss the plan for their day they only had two requests – take loads of photographs of Emmy and don’t spend too long taking photographs of them! The first part was easy – Emmy smiled every time I walked by. As for the second part, within 15 minutes of taking my first photo of Tanya and Mark in the Folk Park in Bunratty we were finished and Mark had a pint of Guinness in his hand! I think I set a new record!

Things I loved about Tanya and Mark’s wedding:

  • The messing and craic at the house that morning. Check out some of the new Spring/Summer headpieces that were on show below! 😉
  • Emmy deciding to eat the mass booklet!
  • In an act of utter confusion, the best man tried to bless the wedding rings before the priest took over!
  • Finding a nice new location in the folk park with beautiful light.
  • The renovated reception room in the Bunratty Castle Hotel. The dark panelling has been replaced with a lovely bright finish which helps create lovely light for photography.
  • Tanya and Mark’s entrance to the reception. It was my first time seeing the hotel wedding coordintator getting a high five on the way in!

Here are some of my personal favourite photographs to give you a taste of their day…

Sneak Peek – Ann + Martin

limerick wedding photography photo

Ann and Martin were married in Coolcappa church in Co. Limerick and held their reception in the Radisson Blu hotel in Limerick. We met waaaaaaaay back in 2012 so it felt like forever for their wedding to arrive. It was worth the wait! Every meeting I’ve had with Ann and Martin to discuss their wedding was a lot of fun so I knew their wedding was going to be great too.

Things I loved about Ann and Martin’s wedding:

  • The fun at Ann’s house that morning. Wow! You wouldn’t want to be sensitive in that house! 🙂
  • Martin, the blow up doll, who was still hanging around since the hen party!
  • Purple, hand stitched, personalised converse.
  • Martin walking to the church from their house just up the road.
  • Ann’s father surprising everyone by playing his accordion during the wedding ceremony.
  • A flying visit by the children Ann looks after.
  • The Limerick / Cavan rivalry. I think it’s fair to say Limerick was the clear winner this time! 🙂 Each table was named after a town you drive through on the way from Limerick to Cavan which was a clever touch.
  • Curraghchase. I love it in there and it was great to finally go there with a wedding party.
  • The speeches which brought everyone to tears from laughing!
  • The dancing. I think some people hadn’t been left out in a while! It was like when calves get to go out into a field for the first time!! 😉

Here are some of my personal favourite photographs to give you a taste of their day…

Sneak Peek – Marija + Darragh

star of the sea armada spanish point wedding photo (35)

Marija and Darragh were married in the Star of the Sea church in Quilty and held their reception just down the coast in the Armada Hotel in Spanish Point. We stopped off at the beach for some photographs and we got lucky with some great light and a dramatic sky. Combine that with Marija and Darragh’s movie star good looks and we managed to get some great photographs together. 🙂

Things I loved about Marija and Darragh’s wedding:

  • The girls all got ready in the Armada that morning which was a lot of fun and excitement.
  • Marija’s dress – wow – I’m not going to pretend I know much about wedding dresses but she looked absolutely stunning.
  • Darragh’s reaction to finally seeing Marija at the top of the aisle.
  • Marija’s surprise for Darragh – she organised two doves to release after the ceremony.
  • The location. I love the coast anyway, but it looked particularly amazing that day.
  • The speeches. Usually the groom’s speech is short and sweet, but Darragh’s was hilarious! 🙂 So was Aidan’s and Marija’s sister Nadezda’s was so emotional and heartfelt it almost brought the whole room to tears.
  • The party atmosphere – everyone was there to have a good time, celebrate and enjoy themselves.

Here are some of my personal favourite photographs to give you a taste of their day…