Sneak Peek – Noreen + Patrick

adare wedding photography

Noreen and Patrick were married in Newcastle West Church and had their reception in the Radisson Blu Hotel in Limerick. I went to secondary school with Noreen so it was great to be there to tell the story of her wedding day.

Things I loved about Noreen and Patrick’s wedding:

  • How personal it was. I love when couples put their stamp on their wedding day and Noreen and Patrick really made it personal and unique to them.
  • Noreen’s handmade bouquets and boutonnieres. Not only were they hand made, but they were hand made by Noreen herself! Patrick is allergic to flowers so having them made out of paper was not only beautiful but functional too.
  • The little note Noreen had one of her flower girls deliver to Patrick as he waited for her at the top of the aisle. I don’t know what it said, but it put a smile on his face!
  • Converse and Superman socks – boosh!
  • The photo of her dad Noreen had on her bouquet.
  • Noreen and Patricks matching sense of humour.
  • The details at the hotel – lovely notes of wisdom for the guests to finish, photo props, speech betting rules, fun packs to keep the kids entertained – they thought of everything.
  • The stripping groomsman. What can I say? It was definitely a first! 😉
  • The craic on the dance floor – for some reason there were a lot of press ups going on?! I’ve no idea why, but scroll down to see the winner. (One handed – impressive!)

Here’s a little taster of their day…

Sneak Peek – Maria + Kenneth

lough gur wedding photography

Maria & Kenneth were married in Patrickswell Church and had their reception in the Woodlands Hotel in Adare. Being so close to Lough Gur we went there to have some fun and take some photographs of the bridal party.

Things I loved about Maria and Kenneth’s wedding:

  • How friendly and relaxed it was in Maria’s house that morning – I must have been offered a cup of tea by everyone there at one stage or another!
  • The poster of Ryan Giggs in Maria’s bedroom – it’s time to replace it with a photo of Kenneth at this stage I think Maria! 😉
  • Lough Gur. It was my first time going there with a bridal party. I had scouted it the week before the wedding and I only ended up using a tiny fraction of it, I’m looking forward to getting back there again.
  • Kenneth is a photographer himself, so I brought along an old antique camera that we had some fun with and created some unique, personal photographs.
  • A top tip: One of the page boys handed out directions to the reception after the ceremony, what a great idea.
  • Kenneth’s dad had a bag full of fresh oysters that he was distributing from the boot of his car. They were going down a treat!
  • The decorated tractor. Who knew adding some ribbon could make it look so good!

Here’s a little taster of their day…

Sneak Peek – Triona & Liam

ballygran wedding photography

Triona & Liam were married in Ballyagran Church and had their reception in the Devon Inn Hotel.

Things I loved about Triona & Liam’s wedding:

  • The craic! Liam and Triona have a great sense of humour and after spending the day with them it’s obvious that their friends do too – passing a comb to Liam during a lull in the ceremony had everyone in the front rows in stitches!
  • The beautiful garden and mature trees at Triona’s house.
  • Even though it is a challenge for photography, having a cloudless blue sky is always a bonus – especially in October!
  • Finding some beautiful light by the river in Newcastle West to photograph Triona and Liam in. There’s something magic about crisp Autumn light.
  • How real and natural the wedding was, there were no airs or graces, everybody was there to have a good time and enjoy themselves.

Here’s a little taster of their day…