wedding in the garden of the falls hotel

Diane & Kevin

dramatic wedding photo clare

Diane and Kevin were married in Cratloe church and held their reception in the Falls Hotel in Ennistymon. Apart from it raining at the one time in the day we wanted to take photographs on the beach (typical!) it was a perfect day. Diane and Kevin put a huge effort into the planning so there was a lot to enjoy on the day – the flower girl sign, the biggest fry I’ve ever seen delivered, the brooch in Diane’s bouquet, Kevin’s shoes, the intimate ceremony in Cratloe, Bernie’s champagne opening skills, the county flags outside the Falls, one of the most amazing seating plans ever, superhero socks, Diane’s new jersey, the list goes on and on…

Here is a very small selection of some of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

sunset ballykisteen golf course wedding photo

Grace & Alan

bride and groom at sunset

Grace and Alan were married in Annacarty church and held their reception in Ballykisteen Hotel. They met when they were both studying in U.L. and Grace invited Alan to a house party on the way home from the Old Lodge – a house party that to Alan’s surprise was taking place in his own house!

Their wedding was a fun filled day, from the humour and relentless slagging in Grace’s house that morning, to the outdoor drinks reception all the way through to the photographs during the speeches. It will be a day Alan never forgets because he also passed his golf buggy driving test that day! 😉

Here is a very small selection of some of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

relaxed wedding photography

Hazel & Garett

creative wedding photography

Hazel and Garett were married in the Holy Trinity Abbey in Adare and held their reception in the Woodlands House Hotel. It was a wedding I had been looking forward to for a while. Every meeting I had with them was good fun so I figured the wedding would be great altogether! And it was. I arrived to the most relaxed bride and bridesmaids ever! Hair and makeup was done and dusted a good three hours before the ceremony so they were sitting around playing games. What a great start. After a game of dare Jenga, it was the longest game of Snakes & Ladders I’ve ever witnessed. So long in fact that after Christine won, she eventually got bored and started again and won a SECOND TIME before anyone else managed to finish. (I always though Snakes & Ladders was just a game of luck until I saw it played by such a pro! ;)).

When I went to the church to meet the lads, I found them gather around a Delorean – why not?! A quick drink in Auntie Lena’s and it was time to get down to business.

There was so much to love about their wedding – the red shoes, the “something old” (a thumbs up from one of Nana’s dress gloves), the American version of I’m a Little Teapot, Hazel’s embroidered hankie for her dad (and his reaction to it), the open top wedding car, the groomsmen mix and match socks, the outdoor reception in the Woodlands, the €20 toilet paper, Briain’s directorial debut, stick on eye balls, getting the dancing started before the band had even set up – I could go on and on – it was epic.

Here is a very small selection of some of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

armada hotel sunset sea

Emma & Sean

armada wedding sunset

Emma and Sean flew home from Australia to get married in Inagh church. With them was their son Oisín, on his first trip to Ireland to meet his family here. It was great to see the love for Oisin from everyone. It was like he was getting a years worth of love all concentrated into a few days.

After the ceremony we went to Emma’s home farm to take some photographs (I could have stayed there for hours!) and then we made the trip back to the Armada Hotel in Spanish Point for the reception.

Emma and Sean put a huge amount of effort into the day from signs and props, to ideas for photos (including having some round bales in the field outside the house as well as a ladder ready to climb up on them!) and it all paid off.

Here is a very small selection of some of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Aisling & Dave

armada wedding photography (36)

Aisling and Dave were married in the Star of the Sea church in Quilty and held their reception in the Armada Hotel in Spanish Point. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining, love birds were chirping – what could possibly go wrong? The groom getting a vomitting bug, that’s what! What are the chances? Thankfully a hero of a doctor arrived with a magic potion up his sleeve and Dave was back on the dancefloor in no time flat. Apart from that minor hiccup, it was a fun filled day with a great bunch of people.

Some things I loved about Aisling and Dave’s wedding day were:

  • The views from Aislinn’s house during hair and makeup that morning.
  • The flower girls giving it socks on the trampoline.
  • Dave and the groomsmen’s local transport to the church (nothing like gorse to spruce up a tractor!)
  • The Kerry and Dublin flags flying high outside the church.
  • Just how relaxed the entire day was. It was lovely.
  • Having the craic in the sand dunes – and realising how drawing a heart on the beach isn’t as easy as you’d think!
  • The winking bridesmaid. 😉
  • A lovely, chilled, outdoor reception – complete with ice cream, sunshine and great views.
  • Gino, the chef, who celebrated his last day in the kitchen with a sing song – Aisling and Dave’s reaction was priceless. 🙂
  • That video. Top class.
  • The Harlem Shake first dance.

Here is a small selection of some of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Gillian & Caolán

bunratty castle hotel wedding photographer photo (2)

Caolán was lucky enough to win his future bride Gillian in a game of poker in Australia (;)) and they travelled home to get married in her native Ballingarry. Their wedding was a great day – a relaxed family day out with a bit of welcome Australian sunshine. Plenty people chipped in to help out too – with Heather helping out with the planning and Gillian’s mother’s friend Ginny doing an amazing job with the flowers.

Some things I loved about Gillian and Caolán’s wedding day were:

  • Gillian’s gang of nieces and nephews – they are a great bunch and loved the camera (which was just as well because the adults took a bit more time to warm up to having me there!)
  • Getting the last few jobs done – ironing ribbon, writing a speech and practising walking up the aisle.
  • Mary Frances’ poetic reflection.
  • The Guinness Book of Records attempt at the longest ever “Falling Slowly” guitar solo! 😉
  • The gardens in the Mustard Seed. We were only there for twenty minutes but I could have spent hours there.
  • Caolán getting completely destroyed with lipstick on the very first kissing photo. That was the end of the kissing!
  • The outdoor reception in the sunshine at the Bunratty Castle Hotel.
  • The best man, Tiernan’s speech – a poem with some hilarious killer punchlines.

Here is a small selection of some of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Ciara & Dave

armada hotel wedding photographer photo (1)

Ciara and Dave were married in the Star of the Sea church in Quilty and held their reception at the Armada Hotel in Spanish Point. There were a couple of minor glitches – the weather, a sprained ankle and the wind (which took it’s toll on a certain bridesmaid’s hair!) but they were far outweighed by the positives. It was a day filled of fun, love and a lot of laughter. I had the pleasure of previously photographing Dave’s sister Claire’s wedding (also in the Armada) so it was a treat to know both sides of the family.

Some things I loved about Ciara and Dave’s wedding day were:

  • Ciara’s dad Tom’s obvious pride in his two daughters. (Becoming a dad myself has definitely made me notice these things a lot more!)
  • I loved how Ciara’s parents had a photo from their wedding day on display that morning.
  • The full size cardboard cut out of Dave which survived the hen party and made it’s way back down from the attic that morning. (Even if it did frighten the life out of me when I walked into what I thought was an empty room!)
  • Ciara’s lipstick souvenir from the hen party – what a great idea.
  • All of the little details – the silver six pence on the bottom of Ciara’s Jimmy Choo’s, the something blue, the photos and collages of their relationship so far, the signs hanging in Ciara’s house, the cherry blossom tree table plan – loads of thoughtful little personal details.
  • Fr. Tom’s welcoming ceremony.
  • Getting lucky with five minutes on the way to the hotel where the rain was much lighter so we were able to quickly get some dramatic seaside photographs.
  • Ciara’s grandmother Bridie who cracked me up. I loved her sense of humour.
  • The speeches – especially Noel’s hilarious speech and Alan’s with those embarrassing photographs. 😉

Here is a small selection of some of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Louise & Stefan

louise-stefan (01)

It’s always an honour to be asked to photograph another photographer’s wedding (especially when their brother is also a photographer – no pressure then!). I met Stefan in the camera club in Limerick a good few years back so I was delighted when he got in touch to ask me to document his wedding to Louise. They met on facebook and they have a beautiful, friendly, happy daughter Saoirse who is a credit to them. They were married in the Pillo hotel and it was a lovely, relaxed, good humoured wedding – I had a great time!

Some things I loved about Louise & Stefan’s wedding day were:

  • Saoirse – star of the show! Her training in front of the camera paid off on the big day. 🙂
  • Stefan’s present to Saoirse – I’ve still got “do you ears hang low” on loop in my head.
  • The vintage bus for the bridal party to travel in.
  • The bottle opener keys for the guest seating plan, and the matching door handle table settings.
  • The caravan club. If the fun they had at their table is anything to go by, their events must be brilliant fun.
  • Louise’s dancing shoes.
  • A surprise impromptu performance by the “Sugar Daddies”.

Here is a small selection of some of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Bríd & Seán

woodlands adare wedding photography (1)

The one thing you can’t control is the weather. Despite a beautiful day the day before, the skies opened on Bríd and Seán’s wedding day and just didn’t stop. We did get lucky though – during the bridal party photographs in Adare, the rain almost stopped for about 10 minutes! That was enough for us to quickly get some photographs with the help of umbrellas and they are some of my favourites from the day.

Some things I loved about Bríd and Seán’s wedding day were:

  • The mix and match socks (which turned out surprisingly accurate!)
  • Bríd’s steam punk style pocket watch gift for Seán.
  • Getting a photograph of Seán and the lads with their guns.
  • The flower girls practising their ballet moves.
  • An emotional walk up the aisle.
  • Getting a few “epic” images – despite the challenging weather.
  • The wedding cake. Lisa’s pièce de résistance!

Some kind words from Bríd and Seán:

We both want to thank you so much for Saturday. You were brilliant and such ease and calm – I was actually blown away when I saw the slideshow so I can’t wait to see the photos!!

Well here you go – here is a very small selection of some of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Niamh & David

duraven arms adare wedding photographer (1)

Niamh and David was a marriage of coincidences. They held their reception in the Dunraven Arms in Adare – the same place both of their parents had their reception AND those two receptions were just two days apart. The priest that married them also married Niamh’s parents as his first wedding. One of the bridesmaids, Helena, got married 3 weeks later – not only to another David, but one born on the same day! Niamh and David met at work – where Niamh is now the David’s brother Robert’s boss. The list goes on – it was obviously meant to be!

Some things I loved most about Niamh and David’s wedding day were:

  • The antique ring box.
  • Niamh’s parents had their own wedding album out that morning – it was so nice to see everyone looking through it.
  • The flowers – including one of the most intricate arches I’ve ever seen. (by Carraig Flowers)
  • Kevin – the coffee king! (What skills he lacks in tying a tie he makes up for in making coffee. Although to be fair, the mirror he was using to tie it was mostly to blame!)
  • Speaking of Kevin – I don’t know how many times I heard my name being called in Niamh’s house that morning and I went into the room I was called from only to be completely ignored when I got there! Wrong Kevin. In the end, to avoid confusion, everyone started using my formal name – Kevin D. Photographer. 😉
  • Emma’s poetic reflection.
  • Replicating their trade mark yoga pose on the golf course.
  • Their golf buggy grand entrance – and their entrance to the meal, I’ve never seen such excitement!
  • John’s speech – especially those embarrassing, cringy photographs – I cracked up at the Moone Boy one!

Here is a very small selection of some of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…