Loving & Laughing 7

This week I’ve been… Loving… pancakes. Why we are only allowed eat pancakes one day a year is beyond me! 😉 Laughing… Thunderstruck by AC/DC just came on the radio and it reminded me of the madness on the dancefloor at our wedding party. My new wife and I brought along blow up instruments, wigs…

Loving & Laughing 4

Loving… tea cakes! My sister gave me a bumper box of Tunnock’s milk chocolate tea cakes for Christmas and they managed to survive until this week. They would have had an even shorter life expect I was away in London for the convention for a week (and I reckoned that they would have been confiscated…

Moving Forward

While on my way home from the photography convention last week I was feeling inspired after hearing so many great speakers, but I was stuck on a train and the only camera I had with me was the camera on my iPhone. The latest version has a panorama feature which allows you to move the…

Loving & Laughing 3

Yay! It’s Friday! 🙂 Loving… being at The Societies Convention in London this week. I got to meet some amazing photographers, attended some interesting seminars and generally had a ball. I didn’t win in my category for Photographer of the Year (all together now – awwwwww!) but as I said at the time I was…

Adare Wedding Photography – Donna & Graham

Adare Wedding Photography

Donna & Graham got married on a lovely crisp day in December. Despite the weather it was a warm wedding with both families being very welcoming and friendly. They were married in the Holy Trinity Abbey Church in Adare. Afterwards we walked across to the park and got some photographs of the bridal party. Unfortunately the park doesn’t look quite as good in the depths of Winter as it does during the Summer months, but by cleverly picking nice spots here and there we were able to get a great range of images.

The reception was in the Lakeside Hotel in Killaloe. Donna & Graham really put their stamp on their day with little personal touches along the way.

Things I loved about Donna & Graham’s wedding:

  • The contrasting red and blue flowers
  • Donna and Graham’s relaxed approach to the day
  • The speeches, which were the perfect blend of emotion and humour
  • Having a Garda motorcycle available to photograph
  • Their wedding cake topping
  • The fun on the dance floor – you can’t beat a bit of Elvis impersonation!

Below are my favourite photographs