Sarah & Ryan

irish castle wedding photographer photo (1)

Sarah and Ryan (along with their families and close friends) travelled to Ireland from America to get married in Fanningstown Castle. It was a beautiful, relaxed wedding and all the more impressive that it was all organised from half way around the world. Sarah and Ryan put a lot of personal touches into the day. One of my favourites was that they both wrote each other little notes that morning and, just before the ceremony, they exchanged them. Standing at each side of a door so they couldn’t see each other, they passed each other their notes and had a little moment to let it all soak in.

Things I loved about Sarah and Ryan’s wedding:

  • Some impromptu, last minute flower arranging by Sarah.
  • Being formally referred to as “Mr. Kevin Murphy” for the morning 😉
  • Trying to tie a tie using the knot to rule all knots. I think in the end the knot won!
  • Ryan’s dad writing a song for Sarah and Ryan and playing it as Sarah walked into the ceremony room.
  • Ryan’s friend binding Sarah and Ryan by a traditional tying of the knot.
  • Passing the rings among their family and friends for a ring warming.
  • Sarah’s idea to get a photo of their parents kissing as well as them.
  • A cheesecake wedding cake. Nom nom!
  • Open air toasts as well as an outdoor first dance.

Here is a selection of just a few of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Edel & Pa

newcastle west wedding photographer photo (1)

Edel and Pa were married in Newcastle West church and held their reception in the Devon Inn Hotel. There is a quote by Arnold Newman that says “photography is 1% talent and 99% moving furniture” and it’s something that came to mind at Edel and Pa’s wedding. I was the photographer, but I was also a butler – helping get straws for the girls’ drinks that morning (thankfully not the same straws as the hen party!). I was also a traffic warden and a dress fluffer. A lot of people come together to make a wedding happen, but the best thing about being the photographer is that you get to experience the whole day – from nervous preparations in the morning all the way through to careless dancing in the evening. And Edel and Pa’s wedding was fun from start to finish – and I didn’t have to move a single piece of furniture!

Things I loved about Edel and Pa’s wedding:

  • One of the nicest rooms I’ve ever photographed the wedding details in – bright and spacious and colourful.
  • A custom wedding themed music playlist put together for the morning preparations.
  • Paddy (Edel and Pa’s son) who was very excited to see his mammy that morning – almost as excited as when he got a new truck!
  • The speeches – from the dramatic unfurling of Paddy’s speech to the stories Frances had been looking forward to telling for a while now!
  • Fr. John (who had traveled all the way from Australia for the wedding) who delivered one of the best ever grace before meals.
  • As a treat for the Australian guests, there was a display of Irish dancing after the meal. The highlight of which (for me) was when one of the young sean nós dancers blew a cheeky kiss to the bride!

Here is a selection of just a few of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Caroline & Kenneth

ardagh wedding photographer photo (0)

Caroline and Kenneth were married in Ardagh church and held their reception in the Devon Inn Hotel. It was a wedding that was years in the making – and they certainly made use of that time with loads of personal touches throughout the day which made it all the more emotional.
Caroline and Kenneth met (romantically) when they shared a snack box in Superbites after a night out! (It reminds me of that scene in Lady and the Tramp when they share a plate of spaghetti!)

Things I loved about Caroline and Ken’s wedding:

  • The t-shirt Caroline gave Ken as a gift that morning.
  • Their wedding car, a 1986 Ford that Ken has worked hard on restoring.
  • Witnessing the art of tying a tie backwards, then taking it off and putting it back on so that it’s facing the right direction! Magic.
  • Zack the dog in his tux and top hat.
  • The treasure hunt Ken sent Caroline – it was very emotional – just like the gift boxes Caroline had prepared for her bridesmaids.
  • Ken’s second baptism. 😉
  • The heart signing frame Ken made for the reception.
  • Brian (the best man) comparing the bride to their vintage car. It could have all gone terribly wrong – but it was genius!

Here is a selection of just a few of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Toni & Owen

ennis wedding photographer photo (00)

I really don’t know where to start when describing Toni and Owen’s wedding. It was one of those weddings that reinforced how lucky I am to have the job that I have. Being a photographer is like having a backstage pass into the lives of a family for one day. And not just an ordinary day – one of the most exciting, emotional and important days of that family. A day that literally will go down in their history.

For Toni and Owen, I not only had a backstage pass, but I got to see the performance of a lifetime! 😉 Having a photographer in your home can be a bit of a peculiar experience  (especially when all you want to do is wash fake tan off your hands using some sort of industrial cleaner, or march around outside the house to the sound of the Colonel Bogie March from the film The Bridge on the River Kwai) but I was absorbed into the day as if I was one of the family. So a big thank you – to Toni and Owen for having me there, and to your families for being who they are.

Things I loved about Toni and Owen’s wedding:

  • The fun in Toni’s house that morning. It was like hanging out with the Von Trapp family! 😉
  • The flower girl dresses which were made by Toni’s mother Gaye – who also made the veil (and I’m sure much more too).
  • Toni’s prophetic packet of love heart sweets that pretty much foretold the future of the day (in confectionary form).
  • Owen’s surname is Wells and he had the genius idea of taking a photograph of his mother underneath the “Our Lady of the Wells” sign outside the church. Genius!
  • Cowboy boots.
  • Hunting for Gruffalo in the woods with my “Gruffalo Gun”!
  • Owen romantically calling his new wife “Squinty Face” during the photo session.
  • A Tenacious D table. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be at a wedding that has a Tenacious D table?!
  • Watching the Australians watching the Siege of Ennis!

Some kind words from Toni and Owen:

We really want to thank you for your work on our wedding day.  You were really terrific.  You made everybody feel so relaxed, you really felt like one of us. I have had so many guests compliment you to us, everyone was so impressed with your personality, attitude and professionalism – and everyone absolutely loved the slide show, thanks so much for that. In fact, a fair people wanted to know how long we had been friends for – they couldn’t believe that we hadn’t known you before. We are so happy that you were our photographer 🙂 (and I hope my crazy family didn’t traumatise you too much)

Here is a quick selection of just a few of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Danielle & Adam


Danielle and Adam travelled home from Australia to get married in Limerick. They were married in St. Munchin’s Church and held their reception in the Castletroy Park Hotel. Travelling with them was their son Evan who was all trained up and ready to pose for the camera the minute he saw me!

Things I loved about Danielle and Adam’s wedding:

  • The sense of humour and fun all day long, not just from Danielle and Adam and their bridal party but their family and friends too. It was great fun.
  • The cars, which were borrowed from Danielle’s uncle.
  • Danielle’s reaction to seeing Evan all dressed up.
  • Danielle’s floral head piece.
  • The groomsmen dropping their trousers for a photo – the suggestion had barely been uttered when all 5 trousers were down around their ankles! (And when they were done they shouted to the girls that it was their turn!)
  • Incorporating Adam’s brother Marcus into the photographs, who sadly passed away before the wedding.
  • All of the guest singing along to the first dance song – gotta love a bit of David Gray!

Here is a quick selection of just a few of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Aisling & Ryan

ballykisteen wedding photography photo (1)

Aisling and Ryan were married in Emly church and held their reception in Ballykisteen Hotel. It was a day full of happiness and a lot of laughter – and unfortunately a lot of rain as well! We were unlucky that every time we went about taking photographs outside it started raining – but big thanks to the bridal party for putting up with it for a few minutes as we passed the Glen of Aherlow, it was worth it!

Things I loved about Aisling and Ryan’s wedding:

  • The engineering challenges of a wedding day were well taken care of – stabilising mirrors using cans of Guinness, adding extra holes to a belt using a screwdriver and opening a bottle of champagne with a child’s safety scissors. (I’d imagine if McGyver was getting married he would have similar challenges!)
  • Aisling’s brooch bouquet.
  • Aisling’s dad’s sense of humour – they had cooked a big fry that morning and he offered me a sausage, “or maybe you’d like something stronger? A rasher?!” 😀
  • The role reversal as Aisling’s brother and father cooked a big breakfast while her mother put ribbons on the car.
  • The fear of yawning in the church! 😉
  • Ryan’s now famous chat up line to Aisling – “Do you like my new phone? It’s got everything on it – except your number”.
  • Line dancing!

Some kind words from Aisling and Ryan:

Ah Kevin thank you so much for everything!

You absolutely made our day… it’s the first time I’ve ever heard gasps during a slideshow!! We were getting comments all night about the amazing photos you took – even more fantastic considering the challenging weather conditions you faced.

We couldn’t have wished for better – you were so professional, and great craic too, really made it so stress free for us, and I’m delighted as we will have amazing photos to remember our big day by.

Kevin, thanks again for absolutely everything, you are amazing!

Aw shucks! Here is a quick selection of just a few of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Michelle & Patrick

limerick engagement shoot photo (1)

For Michelle and Patrick’s engagement session we decided to go for a hike through some of the most beautiful woods to get to an amazing waterfall. It was a lot of fun – despite the weather ranging from sunshine through to hail stones! 

Vanessa & Brian

fanningstown castle wedding photographer photo (0)

Vanessa and Brian were married in Fanninsgtown Castle. It was a relaxed day filled with humour, quirkiness, memories and romance. Vanessa and Brian first met in 1983 in Butlins. Despite losing touch (distance was too much of an issue) they were reunited in 2006. Their wedding was a lovely, intimate and emotional ceremony where they were surrounded by their family and friends (and Vanessa’s pet greyhounds!).

Things I loved about Vanessa and Brian’s wedding:

  • All of the personal memorabilia from Butlin’s which decorated the cake table.
  • Vanessa’s sense of humour. She even bought a secret cheap, fake wedding dress which she put on that morning to see everyone’s reaction to it before putting on the real dress!
  • The ring warming part of the ceremony, as well as passing the candle flame amongst the guests, were lovely touches.
  • When my name was used instead of the groom during the vows – eek! – definitely one of the funniest moments of the day!
  • The random craziness of the day – from greyhounds gatecrashing the ceremony to some American tourists taking over the photoshoot!
  • The note Vanessa and Brian attached to their helium balloons before releasing them outside the castle.
  • The giggling from the girls every time I counted to “tree”! 😉

Some kind words from Vanessa and Brian:

Thanks for putting up with our difficult demands it must have been a difficult job for you with so many requests and people not doing as they’re told! 🙂 You worked so hard for us and rained calm through it all. We loved our day and we wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to have been there to photograph our day. I can’t wait to see them all!

Here is a quick selection of just a few of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Esti & Padraic

limerick wedding photography photo (1)

Esti and Padraic were married in Crecora church and held their reception in the Castletroy Park Hotel in Limerick. Esti is originally from Bilboa so there was plenty of Spanish during the day and the Spanish contingent may have been small in number but they were big on fun! I have no idea what they were cheering from their tables but it built up into a crescendo that only stopped when the bride and groom kissed so I guess it’s a tradition!

Here are some things I loved about Esti and Padraic’s wedding:

  • Sausage sandwiches.
  • Superman the cat.
  • The intricate detail in Esti’s hair, Olga and Mandy did a great job.
  • Fr. Leonard adding Spanish subtitles during the ceremony.
  • Michael’s singing – not only during the ceremony but during the best man speech too.
  • The Ammm’s during speeches! Michael had to mention it and then it was unstoppable!
  • Padraic’s Spanish section in his speech, the Spanish guests were telepathically encouraging him, their lips moving as they finished trickier words and sentences for him.
  • Esti’s Dad Roberto’s English finale to his speech.

Here is a quick selection of just a few of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Máire & Tadhg

castle oaks wedding photographer photo (0)

Máire and Tadhg were married in Raheen church and held their reception in the Castle Oaks House Hotel. I met them last Summer shortly after they had gotten engaged and I was immediately sold on their personalities and excitement. After having the privilege of spending their wedding day with them I can confirm that they are very well matched! Before I talk about a few things I loved about their wedding, I’m going to start with something I didn’t like at all – Tadhg almost falling into the river! OMG! It was the longest thirty seconds of my life! In true Máire and Tadhg style, they thought it was hilarious and scaring the life out of me only made it funnier!

Anyway, that aside, here are some things I loved about Máire and Tadhg’s wedding:

  • Due to a slight miscommunication, the flower girls thought I was a minion. It turns out I was the only other Kevin they had heard of so I guess it was a fair assumption. I’ll try to be clearer in future! 😉
  • Máire’s mother had prepared a full Sunday roast for breakfast (to get a good head start on the day!)
  • Incorporating Tadhg’s love of Apple products.
  • Máire and Tadhg’s relaxed attitude. Unfortunately the weather didn’t exactly work out, but they were both all for getting an umbrella and going out for some photographs regardless. And their bravery definitely paid off.
  • Wedding days are busy days. With so many people and so much happening, often the bride and groom don’t get to spend any time alone together. However, there was a lovely moment of alone time when Máire and Tadhg walked out onto the rocks at the river. Apart from a family of ducks swimming by there was nothing but peace all around. (Of course it didn’t last long with Tadhg’s messing on the way back!)
  • Eamon’s singing speech. It was hilarious!
  • Máire and Tadhg’s appropriate choice of song for their first dance – 50% romantic and 50% madness.
  • The craic on the dance floor. I actually had all of my gear packed away when an epic dance off started so I unpacked and went back for more!

Some kinds words from Máire & Tadhg:

We knew from the minute we met you that you were going to be great but you exceeded all of our expectations. You guided us through the best day of our lives. Sorry for the mini heart attack at the river but we are so grateful to you for those special moments, probably one of our favourite parts of the day! Words cannot thank you enough.

Here is a quick selection of just a few of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…