Before your wedding

I’ve looked through your website and I like what I see. What’s the next step?

I’d love to meet you to have a chat about your plans for the wedding day and to ensure that my photography style is a good match for you. When you get in touch with me I will organise a time to suit us both. I’ll also bring along some sample albums for you to have a look at.

How do we book you?

I need just two things to book your wedding date –

  1. booking fee to secure your date (which comes off your total)
  2. signed contract (specifying wedding date, location, etc – standard stuff)

I will discuss these with you when we meet to chat about your wedding.

We are only having a small wedding. Do we get a discount?

Small weddings are magic. I love them and I’d love to be able to offer a discount for smaller weddings, but unfortunately the amount of work required is the same.

What's your best price? No, really, your very, very best price?

To be fair, the pricing is the same for everyone. People who book well in advance tend to get a good deal (my suppliers raise their prices annually but if you’re already booked then you obviously pay the price agreed when booking). If you’ve got a fixed budget then I can sometimes work with you to stay within that, e.g. by reducing the amount of coverage on the day.

Can we choose a different package after we book?

Of course! Once you are booked in you can change your mind about what is included in your package at any stage. Usually people book me about 12-18 months in advance – I can’t decide what I want for lunch tomorrow never mind in a years time!

We are getting married in a few weeks/months, is it too late to book you?

It depends, Fridays and Saturdays tend to book out a year or so in advance – but do get in touch, hopefully I can still help.

Will some of our photographs be in black and white?

I take a mixture of colour and black and white photographs. I love timeless black and white photographs and they look great in the wedding album.

Can I see a complete wedding album?

I’d love you to! Drop me a line and I’ll organise a time where we can discuss your day and I’ll show you some samples of complete weddings.

Do you use a contract?

Yup. All wedding bookings require a booking fee and a signed contract. It’s a standard contract that ensures that both you and I understand the requirements on the day so there is mutual benefit to it.

Do you have insurance?

Definitely. I’m committed to ensure your wedding day goes completely smoothly so I’ve got every angle covered.

What happens if I cancel?

I will be as accommodating as possible. If your wedding date changes and I am available on the new date then it’s simply a matter of signing an updated contract. However, if I am unavailable on the new date then unfortunately the booking fee is not refundable.

On your wedding day

What happens if you are sick on the wedding day?

I’ve got a network of photographers whose work is of a very high standard that I can lean on if this ever happens. I look after my health and so far, thankfully, I haven’t had to rely on them but I’m glad they’ve got my back if I ever need them.

Do you work with an assistant?

For the most part I work alone. I’ve found that people are usually more comfortable with fewer cameras and it allows me to blend in with the group and catch those off-the-cuff moments better. If you would like a second photographer to document your day then it is something that I can organise. It can be nice to have a second perspective, but obviously it does cost a little more.

Do you take formal group photographs?

Yes. For the most part my style is documentary, but I always set up a few photographs with the families of the bride and groom. As long as we’ve got everybody in one place then this usually takes 10-15 minutes. It’s a good idea to let your family know that this will be happening after the ceremony.

How do you light your images?

If at all possible, I will use natural light for the entire day. I never use flash during the ceremony. Instead, I am in “ninja mode” where I try to be as invisible and discreet as possible so that I can capture those touching natural moments as they happen. A bright flash of light isn’t going to do me any favours!

However, during the bridal party photography I sometimes use some artificial lighting to create some dramatic photographs in the evening if natural light just isn’t playing along and during winter weddings when it is dark earlier.

After your wedding

When will we get to see our photographs?

This depends on the workload at the time of your wedding – during the Spring/Autumn it tends to be quicker and Summer and Christmas weddings take a little longer. As a rough guide the photographs will typically be ready within 6-7 weeks of your wedding date, and often sooner than that. I know you will be excited to see them, so as soon as they are ready I will let you know.

How are the photographs for our wedding album chosen?

Once you’re photographs are ready, I will send you a link to your online gallery. You can simply click on the photographs you would like in your album there. Once you’ve got your final selection made the album is designed and once you approve the design it goes into production.

How long before we get our wedding album?

Once you have approved your album design, it typically takes about 7-8 weeks to handmake the album and have it ready for collection.

Still have a question?

If you didn’t find the answer to your question above then please fill in the form below and I will happily answer it for you. I might even add it to the list!

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  • Thank you for taking the most amazing photographs of our wedding day. You captured the emotion of the day perfectly. The quality of the photographs is fantastic and we are delighted with them. It was a pleasure to have you as our photographer and we really enjoyed your company on the day. It was a bonus that we had so much fun getting our photographs taken! Thanks for all the effort you put in on the day.

    Avril & Nigel
  • I cannot thank Kevin enough for coming out on a windy, cold and rainy day to take engagement pictures for James and I. It’s truly amazing how the beauty of the cliffs and castle was captured as well as the natural happiness and fun we had that day. We had a great time and will cherish these pictures forever.Ch

    Christina & James
  • We and all our families could not have been more pleased with you on the day of our wedding – you were our perfect photographer and we loved what we saw in the slideshow. Thank you so much!

    Rachel & Graham
  • Thanks again for everything, everyone said how nice the photographer was!

    wedding photography review
    Vicky & Pat
  • We are beyond happy with the photo’s, they capture the whole day so perfectly… You’re so talented at your craft, we are in awe!

    wedding photography review
    Emily & Billy
  • We love ALL the photos you have taken!!! They brought back all the great memories of our day. They are just Fab!!! No words can thank you enough. You just captured our day perfectly.

    wedding photography review
    Michaela & Tom
  • I must start by saying WOW!!!!! The pictures are amazing. I have been up all night looking at them and now trying to stay awake at my desk, oh well it’s Friday!

    limerick wedding photographer review
    Bridget & David
  • Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, thank you so much, you have no idea how much we LOVE the photographs! We are going to enjoy every minute of picking the photos for the album! Even if it is going to be a tough job 🙂 I am so overwhelmed at the moment! The photos are just so fab 🙂

    wedding photographer review
    Noreen & Pat
  • Thank you for making our day so easy – we really enjoyed taking the photos and that is down to you. We are lost for words – the photos you have taken are more than we expected, you are very talented.

    weddinh photographer testimonial
    Triona & Liam
  • The photos are AMAZING!! I can’t believe you took so many – the ones on the dancefloor are hilarious! We’re both going to our respective homes this weekend to show off the photos to our families – you have no idea how excited my mam and sisters are!

    wedding photography review
    Sinéad & Barry
  • We have poured over the photographs twice, every detail examined!!! To say we are delighted doesn’t come near!! They are unbelievable!! Never realised we were that good looking!!!!! They are so fun, energetic, poignant….. I don’t know.. excellent. So many capture how we felt on the day, feelings not easily put into words. We are thrilled Kevin. The spirit of our lovely wedding day captured perfectly.

    wedding photography testimonial
    Lucy & Shane
  • The photos are fantastic. We’re over the moon. We had such fun looking at them over the weekend!

    wedding photography testimonial
    Marianne & Anthony


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