My style of wedding photography

For the most part my approach to wedding photography is natural, discreet and unobtrusive. Rather than posing people, I prefer to candidly capture the moments and the emotions as they unfold. This results in photographs that tell the story of your wedding day in an authentic, honest and uncontrived way.

The benefit of this approach is that my photography is very emotional. I capture the excitement and commotion during your preparations in the morning, the nerves and anticipation as you walk up the aisle, the affection and warmth as you exchange rings, the laughter and mortification during the best man’s speech, the merriment and elation as celebrations continue into the night.

When it comes to the formal portraits I like to keep it casual and fun. Nobody wants stiff family portraits where everyone looks like a statue! If you are camera shy, I’ll guide you into looking your best. If you love the camera then I’ll happily snap away while you work your magic!

Your wedding day is a love story. I would love to tell it.


  1. Real, candid emotions
  2. Off the cuff personal moments
  3. Imaginative little details
  4. Natural fun and genuine laughter
  5. Dramatic, epic images


  1. Awkward, unnatural, cheesy photographs, e.g. “leaning against a tree”, “staring into the distance”, you know what I mean!
  2. Photographs that are all black and white except the flowers
  3. Interrupting guests to take their photograph
  4. Asking people to repeat something they’ve already done
  5. Applying special effects, filters or anything else that will age an image

Here are some images that I really like which reflect my style and approach.