2023. It’s difficult to summarise an entire year in a few minutes, but nevertheless here is a collection of some of my favourite moments from 2023. As always, for the most part everything on the day is as it happened. Documentary. Apart from family photographs and some portraits of the couple, my priority is to let everyone enjoy the day and work hard in the background to capture how the day was. I love the unknown about each wedding – a lot is predictable, but I’m always on the lookout for what makes it different. Does it have the nerves and apprehension of the first wedding in the house, or have people already figured out how to put ribbons on cars and attach flowers to suits? Will it be emotional? How will the weather affect the day? Who will the characters be? Will everything go to plan? What are the things everyone will talk about afterwards?

A huge thank you to everyone who put their trust in me to document a day they will always remember. Thanks for the warm welcomes into your homes – even if at the beginning everyone left the room I walked into! Thanks for the endless offer of cups of tea and of breakfasts big enough to feed me for a week. Thanks for chats. Thanks for laughing at my bad jokes! Thanks for giving it socks on the dance floor. Thanks for just being yourselves and allowing me into your circle.

If you were part of my 2023 in any way – thank you.

Turn up the volume and enjoy!

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