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Click here to view the entire gallery of photographs from the wedding of Grace & James. The Guest Password is “doc”. Enjoy!



  1. The pictures are absolutely amazing and they really show how everyone was having a fantastic time. Congratulations James and Grace have a fabulous future.

  2. What a great day grace & James it’s a day we will always remember it ticked all the boxes good fun company food scenery and weather have a fab honeymoon Thos & Rita

  3. How wonderful to get a glimpse in how a fabulous couple and family wedding is such a joyous day.. wishing you both a wonderful life together. Lovely memories to treasure of the the day..❀

  4. We had the most wonderful day with Kevin there. We barely noticed him in the ceremony and the special moments. But he was such a laugh! So good at getting the most out of us. Everyone else loved him too. Even went in search of gravy for my uncle! Special service I’m sure ;D

    • Thanks so much Grace! It was such a good atmosphere that laughing was inevitable! Everyone was there for a good time and enjoying it so much it was contagious. Thanks for having me!

  5. Ah Kevin! I have never liked pictures of myself but I love these! Can’t thank you enough for all your hard work on the day hope we can stay in touch.
    Just remember everything you heard in the campervan is covered by the wedding photographer oath!

    • Thank you James/Jimbo/Doc! πŸ˜‰ It was an absolute pleasure – delighted you like the results. And what happens in the campervan, stays in the campervan (not that anyone would ever believe me if I repeated it anyway!!).

  6. Kevin, thank you so much for these amazing photos! They really capture James and Grace and how much fun we all had. You were so unobtrusive, I don’t know how you managed to be everywhere and capture so much. Did you have a break at all?!

    Jim and Grace, I love you both. X

    • I took a sneaky break when everyone was eating! πŸ˜‰ There was so much joy, all I had to do was point and click – ha ha! Lovely to meet you.

  7. Kevin, it was an amazing day and you have managed to capture the emotion and sheer joy we all felt. We hardly knew you were there, but your pictures help us all relive the day and everytime I replay it, it brings back such happy memories.

    Jim and Grace, we love you. xxx

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