castleoaks river wedding photo

Emer & Luke

castleoaks river wedding photo


Emer and Luke were married in a humanist ceremony in the Castleoaks House Hotel.They had their first date way back in 2012 and three years later, on Valentine’s Day, Luke proposed in Paris with a Haribo ring! It’s these kind of quirky things that I loved most about Emer and Luke, and their wedding day was packed with thoughtful and personal ideas. For starters, Emer wore an amazing, vintage Limerick Lace wedding dress (which is over 100 years old!). Other things included the ring cushion that Emer’s aunt embroidered, their vintage wedding car (organised by Emer’s dad who was dishing out double armed hugs for the day! 😉 ), sand from their childhood beaches for the sand pouring ceremony and stirred with a Welsh spoon, a ring warming, a seat reserved for those who could not be there, a vintage typewriter for the guests to leave notes on (incredible, right?!), my all time favourite Dr. Seuss reading, an emotional song by Emer’s cousin, ice cream in the sunshine, a BEAUTIFUL walk down by the river, Victor’s Mr & Mrs quiz, the list goes on. It was such a great day and I felt privileged to be there to document it.

Here is a tiny selection of some of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Máire & Tadhg

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Máire and Tadhg were married in Raheen church and held their reception in the Castle Oaks House Hotel. I met them last Summer shortly after they had gotten engaged and I was immediately sold on their personalities and excitement. After having the privilege of spending their wedding day with them I can confirm that they are very well matched! Before I talk about a few things I loved about their wedding, I’m going to start with something I didn’t like at all – Tadhg almost falling into the river! OMG! It was the longest thirty seconds of my life! In true Máire and Tadhg style, they thought it was hilarious and scaring the life out of me only made it funnier!

Anyway, that aside, here are some things I loved about Máire and Tadhg’s wedding:

  • Due to a slight miscommunication, the flower girls thought I was a minion. It turns out I was the only other Kevin they had heard of so I guess it was a fair assumption. I’ll try to be clearer in future! 😉
  • Máire’s mother had prepared a full Sunday roast for breakfast (to get a good head start on the day!)
  • Incorporating Tadhg’s love of Apple products.
  • Máire and Tadhg’s relaxed attitude. Unfortunately the weather didn’t exactly work out, but they were both all for getting an umbrella and going out for some photographs regardless. And their bravery definitely paid off.
  • Wedding days are busy days. With so many people and so much happening, often the bride and groom don’t get to spend any time alone together. However, there was a lovely moment of alone time when Máire and Tadhg walked out onto the rocks at the river. Apart from a family of ducks swimming by there was nothing but peace all around. (Of course it didn’t last long with Tadhg’s messing on the way back!)
  • Eamon’s singing speech. It was hilarious!
  • Máire and Tadhg’s appropriate choice of song for their first dance – 50% romantic and 50% madness.
  • The craic on the dance floor. I actually had all of my gear packed away when an epic dance off started so I unpacked and went back for more!

Some kinds words from Máire & Tadhg:

We knew from the minute we met you that you were going to be great but you exceeded all of our expectations. You guided us through the best day of our lives. Sorry for the mini heart attack at the river but we are so grateful to you for those special moments, probably one of our favourite parts of the day! Words cannot thank you enough.

Here is a quick selection of just a few of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…

Maureen & Conor

Maureen and Conor were married in Kilcolman church and held their reception in The Castle Oaks in Limerick.  If there was a test to tell how friendly a family are by the size of the teapot they use then Maureen’s family must be one of the friendliest families I’ve ever met! 😉 As a little…

Alison & Trevor

castle oaks house hotel wedding photography

Alison and Trevor were married in St. Joseph’s Church in Limerick and held their reception in the Castle Oaks House Hotel. Their black tie winter wedding was full of style and personal touches. It was after a bad few days of rain – it was the first time I’ve seen the river in Castleconnell so flooded! – but thankfully the rain held off for the day.

Things I loved about Alison and Trevor’s wedding:

  • All of the little details at Alison’s house that morning – from handmade champagne glasses to nametags on each of the dresses.
  • The gift boxes made for each of the bridesmaids.
  • Ruadh, the flower girl, who was a star for the day – she’s not a bit shy anyway!
  • Meeting Trevor and the groomsmen at Bobby Byrne’s while they got a bit of courage for the day. 😉
  • That Christmassy feeling in the air.
  • The mixed reactions to Rudolph, who read one of the prayers of the faithful.
  • Alison and Trevor who were up for anything (and even came up with ideas themselves on the day) – despite how cold it was!
  • The last of the Autumn leaves still clinging on in the grounds of the hotel.
  • Everyone giving it socks on the dance floor – it was packed! I could barely move around!

Some kind words from Alison and Trevor:

“Thanks so much Kevin!! You were brilliant! Couldn’t have gotten a better photographer, everyone was complimenting your work!”

Here is a quick selection of just a few of my favourite images to give you a taste of their wedding day…