Model Fashion Shoot Portfolio

Aleera was the third model at the shoot in Bunratty. As it happens I didn’t get to spend as much time with Aleera as I did with Lydia and Alona but I still managed to get some images which I am very happy with. The images above were taken in simple window light and were composed to eliminate distractions in the background to keep the image simple. Below I used the same natural light in the archway as I used with Lydia.Model Fashion Shoot Portfolio

The old schoolroom oozed character so I definitely wanted to use it as a backdrop.

Model Fashion Shoot PortfolioModel Fashion Shoot Portfolio

There was some amazing Autumn foliage at the gable end of one of the houses which cried out to be used as a backdrop.

Model Fashion Shoot PortfolioPhotographer Chase Jarvis posted an interesting article today entitled 10 Things Every Creative Person Must Learn. One of his points was to not aim to be better, but instead aim to be different. This ties in with the following images where I tried to think outside the box and try something a little more creative. Does it work? I don’t know. Was it worth trying, definitely! Experimenting and trying to be different moves me forward. Not everything will work, but without pushing the boundaries I’m standing still.

Model Fashion Shoot PortfolioBig thanks to Aleera for coming along and being open to trying some unusual ideas!

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  1. Love these. Love the classroom ones. Love the black/white classroom best, this is when I saw the fireplace for the first time! Now THAT is how a teacher should teach – THEN we would all remember the lesson!
    I am possibly too much of a traditional thinker to fully appreciate the outside the box ones, but I do love that you did them and your courage behind them. Aleera tipping back the chair and the balance there is pretty ‘outside the box’ and alerts the senses.
    Thanks for these!

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