Loving… tea cakes! My sister gave me a bumper box of Tunnock’s milk chocolate tea cakes for Christmas and they managed to survive until this week. They would have had an even shorter life expect I was away in London for the convention for a week (and I reckoned that they would have been confiscated and gorged on by airport security if I had brought them with me!).2013-01-25_001

Laughing… at how ridiculous I look wearing glasses! My face and glasses are just not compatible. My wife was in having a checkup and while she was looking through the frames I tried a few on to see how they looked. Not. Good. At. All! If you can imagine a mix between Denis Taylor, Darina Allen in the 80’s and Jack Duckworth then you’re getting close. It’s a case of shouldn’t have gone to Specsavers! 😉

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