While on my way home from the photography convention last week I was feeling inspired after hearing so many great speakers, but I was stuck on a train and the only camera I had with me was the camera on my iPhone. The latest version has a panorama feature which allows you to move the camera right across a landscape and it creates a wide panoramic photo of the scene. Which got me thinking – what would happen if the scene was moving but the camera was still? Well, you’re about to find out!

I was on the train and I just held my camera up to the window and captured the scene as it flew past. Here was the first result:exmerimental iphone photography train

It’s a bit interesting in an abstract way. The iPhone was warning me to “Slow Down” but there was nothing I could do about that! So the phone picked random parts from the passing countryside and pieced them together as best it could.

I took the phone’s advice and waited until the train was slowing down coming into train stations and it gave a much more consistent result.

exmerimental iphone photography train station

Then I got even more adventurous and combined the moving train with a little moving phone at the end to include some of the inside of the train.

exmerimental iphone photography london  exmerimental iphone photography

It’s not something that’s going to hang up on a wall, but it was a bit of fun and I thought the results were interesting enough to share at least. I enjoyed being a bit creative and pushing the boundaries a little (or, more accurately, faffing about with my phone). I think that it’s always worth trying out new ideas, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t – but if you’re not moving forwards you’re falling behind!

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