Loving… a bit of home cooking. I enjoy cooking, but every so often I get bored of cooking the same old dinners. On Saturday I felt adventurous and tried some new things. First up was pea and mint soup. I can honestly say I’ve never tried pea and mint soup before and if it was on a menu at a restaurant I wouldn’t even consider ordering it – but it was delicious! I also cooked a chicken, prawn and chorizo paella. I’d never cooked (or tasted!) paella before and it was really good. I’ll definitely be cooking it again and I’ll be making a few little changes to make it even better… (Like making sure the rice isn’t burnt to the bottom of the pan!)

Being a man, the lack of the ability to multitask doesn’t really help when it comes to cooking – but that’s why I love it! It means that my poor little man brain is so focused on watching different pans that I get a break from thinking about work and other stuff. It’s a bit of kitchen therapy!

So I’ve added two new options to our dinner menu but I would like to add some more. Have you any good recipes to share?

Laughing… at this video clip from a wedding. The laughing is coming from the groom’s microphone… contagious or what?!

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