How has your week been? Mine has flown by! Lots of little wins this week, busy with wedding enquiries, putting wedding albums together and planning some exciting new ideas… But enough chit chat – time for another Loving & Laughing!

Loving… not working for the man! I was at the bank this week for a meeting with their business advisor. He asked what I did before photography and I explained that I did a Master’s Degree in Software Development and had been working in that area for ten years before setting up my photography business. His eyebrows raised and he questioned why I would leave software considering it was a great industry to be in (not realising that he was insinuating that photography wasn’t). Looking him straight in the eye I said “It’s not all about the money”!

I could tell he doesn’t hear response that very often and we had a laugh about it. But it’s true. I feel so privileged to be able to do what I love doing. Every time I pick up my camera I’m putting my heart into what I create. And the response to what I create is incredible. Computers never gave me that kind of love!

Laughing… with a family on a portrait session this week. They were having a party to celebrate their sons first birthday and asked me to photograph him along with other members of their family who were there for the party. It was really enjoyable and with everyone in high spirits we had a lot of fun. I love this portrait of the child’s mischievous grandfather getting in on the action!

grandfather portrait

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