Loving… Galway! My wife and I went to Galway last weekend. A good friend of mine was taking part in a charity white collar boxing event which was a really good night. All of the competitors had just 8 weeks training and I was blown away by how good they were. We also had some time to just hang around in Galway. I love Galway. It has such a relaxed, easy going, friendly atmosphere. Maybe it’s the fresh sea air blowing in from the Atlantic,¬† but whatever it is, it’s therapeutic!

Laughing… at this cartoon from doghousediaries this week. Doghousediaries is a website that publishes a new cartoon three times a week and I love it. A warning – if you visit the website you could lose an hour of your life looking back through their cartoons – but what an hour it will be! ūüėČ


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