Loving… photographing a “bring your child to work day” event in a company in Limerick this week. I got to see the inner workings of a big manufacturing company in Limerick as they gave the children of the workers a tour around the facility. It was a lot of fun and interesting at the same time. The children loved it too and I got some photographs that I am really happy with. Everyone was raving about what a great idea it was that children could see what their parents did for a living. My mother was a teacher so every day was a bring your child to work day for me! The novelty wears off after a while!! 😉

Laughing… with a groom (and his best man) as I photographed them on the morning of his wedding this week. I asked if there was any little details they wanted photographed and the groom held up a bunch of bananas. I didn’t refuse the opportunity! This one probably isn’t going to make it into the album – but it’s good to have some fun!

Groom Portrait


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