In a break with tradition it’s a double loving this week!

Loving… writing on the first page of a new refill pad! I remember in school I used to love writing on the first page of copybooks and that hasn’t changed. I even used to look forward to moving from the left page of a copybook to the fresh, clean right hand side! There’s a life lesson in there somewhere – you need to get through something you’re not very fond of sometimes to get to the good stuff. 😉

new refill pad

Loving… Ballymaloe Country Relish! I discovered this a few months ago and I can’t get enough of it. My favourite lunch these days is a grilled chicken breast sliced up in a wrap with Ballmaloe, some sliced fresh tomatoes, a bit of grated cheese and some lettuce. Nom nom – divine!

ballamaloe country relish

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