Loving… the new shower facilites in Cronin’s Yard at the base of Carrauntoohil. A gang of us climbed it last weekend and the weather was miserable – it rained the entire 5 hours! As well as that, there was a strong wind. Thankfully the wind was to our backs so it helped as we climbed the Devil’s Ladder as well as keeping the rain out of our faces. However, once we got to the top of the Devil’s Ladder and turned to climb the last section to the summit, the gusts of wind were incredible strong – even though it was still raining it felt like we were getting pounded by hailstones! By the time we got back to Cronin’s Yard afterwards we were soaked to the skin. Thankfully they have the best showers in the entire universe!! As well as the tastiest toasted sandwich on earth! (Being stuck outside for five hours in miserable weather is definitely the best sauce!)

Here’s a photo comparing our last trip to this trip. Crazy!


Laughing… at beer guzzling slugs! My wife and I planted some flowers in our back yard to spruce the place up a bit. It wasn’t long before slugs got wind of it and stopped by for a feast. My wife googled ways to get rid of them and one of them was to build a beer trap or “slug pub” – a buried container with beer in it. It worked a treat! We had a friend staying over at the weekend and when I asked how he slept he said he “didn’t get a wink of sleep with all of the slugs drinking beer until 3am”!! 🙂


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