Sneak Peek – Rachel + Graham

adare wedding photography

Rachel and Graham were married in the Holy Trinity church in Adare and held their reception in the Dunraven Hotel just down the road. They are both teaching in the UK so I didn’t meet Graham until a few days before the wedding and Rachel until the morning of the big day. I immediately knew it was going to be a great day though. It’s not often you get to photograph the wedding of a former Guinness World Record holder! (And because I know people will ask, the record was for the largest collection of frog items!)

Things I loved about Rachel and Graham’s wedding:

  • Having a “virtual bridesmaid” join in the excitement of the day through skype.
  • How relaxed Rachel and her bridesmaids were on the morning of the wedding.
  • Fr. Chris O’Donnell’s sermon. I’ve had the pleasure of photographing one of his weddings in the past so I knew I was in for a treat.
  • Having the page boy and flower girls sign the marriage cert – on the back of course!
  • Two wedding guests made a cake and brought it over from the UK as carry on baggage on their flight. They flew Ryanair. Respect!
  • A new game to me was the put-the-after-eigth-on-your-forehead-and-try-to-get-it-into-your-mouth game. Hilarious!
  • Graham is a big Elvis fan, and he incorporated it brilliantly into his speech. I’m pretty sure it’s the first standing ovation I’ve ever seen for a groom’s speech.
  • Graham’s two brother’s speech was like watching Ant and Dec – it was so polished and used great photographs too. (And by great, I mean embarrassing!) They also presented Graham with a frog from his record breaking collection.
  • The dance floor was hopping when I left – some of the dance moves were shipped in especially from the UK. 😉

Here are some of my personal favourite photographs to give you a taste of their day…

Sneak Peek – Claire + William

armada hotel spanish point wedding photo

Claire and William were married in the The Wells church in Newmarket and held their reception in the Armada Hotel in Spanish Point. When we met a few weeks before the wedding to talk through the plan for the day, Claire broke the news that her house wasn’t accessible due to the flooding after the storms. We came up with a back up plan, but thankfully we were able to get to the house on the day. Phew!

Things I loved about Claire and William’s wedding:

  • Random neighbours walking by Claire’s house on the morning of the wedding with their groceries – Claire’s parents had set up a walkway at the back of their house so that neighbours could get through the flooding to get out! Failing that, there was an emergency canoe at the bottom of their garden!
  • I try to blend in and make myself as invisible as possible, but Claire’s mother spotted me taking a reflection photo in the mirror of the sitting room. Within seconds the mirror was polished to a perfect shine! 😉 Irish mammies are the best.
  • Fr. Tom’s ceremony was lovely. Really personal and welcoming and warm.
  • The most amazing accuracy when popping champagne – managing to hit the videographers car which was 50 yards away with the cork!
  • I love it when a plan comes together. I always scout the locations in the days leading up to the wedding to look for new angles. It doesn’t always work out due to weather and other factors, but this time it worked out perfectly! The bridal party photo session took less than 30 minutes and in that time we got a stunning range of photographs!
  • William’s reactions to the best man’s speech!
  • The dancefloor was hopping! It seemed like everywhere I turned, a “dance off” was kicking off! I wouldn’t like to have been the judge – there were some pretty impressive dance move pulled out that night!

Here are some of my personal favourite photographs to give you a taste of their day…

Sneak Peek – Vicky + Pat

cashel palace wedding photography photo

Vicky and Pat were married in the Convent of Mercy chapel in Tipperary town and held their reception in the Cashel Palace Hotel. It was probably the sunniest wedding I’ve photographed, which is a bit odd considering it was in March! There were a couple of clouds in the sky – but even those were special! Even though I’d heard of lenticular clouds before, I’d never seen them or photographed them but sure enough there was one floating over the church. We visited Hore Abbey for some photographs and the Rock of Cashel stood magestically in the background. It was lovely.

Things I loved about Vicky and Pat’s wedding:

  • Paddy, the page boy, came along to the pub in the morning to enjoy a drink with the groomsmen and began his campaign to steal the show for the day!
  • Vicky and Pat’s warm, relaxed approach to the day. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bride give more compliments than she received – but Vicky is one of those people that finds the best in everyone.
  • It was my first wedding at the Cashel Palace hotel and I loved it. The grounds are fantastic and hotel is full of character.
  • How Vicky and Pat made the day their own. From having a single groomsman and bridesmaid to leaving the hotel on the night of the wedding to go on honeymoon.
  • Ireland happened to win the six nations that day too which I’m sure added to the party atmosphere later in the night!

Here are some of my personal favourite photographs to give you a taste of their day…

Sneak Peek – Liz + Podge

newcastle west wedding photography

Liz and Podge were married in Ardagh church in Co. Limerick and held their reception in the Devon Inn Hotel. Unfortunately the weather on the day wasn’t the best, but we did manage to get a twenty minute dry spell as we were driving through Newcastle West which gave us enough time for some bridal party photographs by the river.

Things I loved about Liz and Podge’s wedding:

  • The view from Podge’s house on the morning of the wedding before the rain blew in. (I also realised that wind farms are noisy – that had never occurred to me!)
  • Having a friend of Liz join in the fun of the day through Skype!
  • Val and Emma who were looking after hair and makeup and keeping the show on the road.
  • The two page boys and two flower girls who kept everyone entertained.
  • Superman socks!
  • The ring stitched onto Liz’s bouquet.
  • Liz phoning the day after the wedding to say thanks. I think that summarises Liz and Podge, two lovely, honest to goodness people who think of others before themselves. They are well matched!

Here are a few of my favourites to give you a taste of their day…

Sneak Peek – Aisling + Tony

bunratty wedding photography

Aisling and Tony were married in The Wells church and had their reception in the Radisson Blu Hotel in Limerick. We popped into Bunratty Castle and Folk Park to get some bridal party photographs as we were passing.

Things I loved about Aisling and Tony’s wedding:

  • How relaxed and laid back Aisling and Tony were. It’s easy to get worked up but they just sat back and took it all in.
  • Three of the most giddy and excited bridemaids ever!
  • Fr. Nash’s story about how Tony accidentally called him on his mobile during his stag party!
  • The Bunratty Folk Park which was still decorated for Christmas.
  • The speeches and especially the pink elephant.
  • The page boys really showing up the adults on the dancefloor when it came to showing off their moves!

Here’s a taster of their day…

Sneak Peek – Emily + Billy

kanturk cork wedding photography

Emily and Billy were married on New Year’s Eve in Newmarket church in Co. Cork and had their reception in Dromhall hotel in Killarney. From our very first meeting I knew their wedding was going to be great – and it was!

Things I loved about Emily and Billy’s wedding:

  • The craic. From start to finish it was one of the most fun weddings I’ve had the pleasure of photographing.
  • The human bicycle. Definitely the funniest groomsman photograph I’ve ever taken. It’s going to be difficult to top!
  • The welcome in Emily’s house on the morning of the wedding. It was a bit like walking into a maternity ward but everyone was really natural and relaxed.
  • Emily’s wedding speech written in Excel. Emily is the undisputed queen of spreadsheets! Her photo selection for the album is the most organised I’ve ever received! Love it!
  • Our last minute dash to Kanturk castle to get some bridal party photographs just before it got dark.
  • The best mans speech was one of the funniest ever. I had a pain in my face from laughing.
  • The photo below of a random guy dancing on the dance floor wearing a horse’s head pretty much sums up the partying atmosphere!
  • The new years eve countdown balloon madness extravaganza!

Here’s the story of their day…

Sneak Peek – Michaela + Tom

doneraile park wedding photography photo

Michaela and Tom were married in Doneraile Church and had their reception in the Charleville Park Hotel. From our very first meeting I knew their wedding was going to be good – even at that early stage they had so many great ideas and little personal touches planned. The one catch, of course, is that the more moving parts there are the higher the odds that something will go wrong on the day. Unfortunately, for Tom and Michaela, one of those moving parts didn’t move – the vintage camper van they had hired! Undeterred, Michaela and Tom made it a feature of their wedding – adding ribbons, putting cardboard cutouts in as the drivers and bringing it with them for the day on a trailer! And I loved them for it. If life gives you lemons, make lemonade!

Things I loved about Michaela and Tom’s wedding:

  • The breakfast the boys had the morning of the wedding was the best I’ve ever seen. (Although, I think Tom’s mother has an advantage seeing as she runs a B&B!)
  • Tom’s cufflinks. Check them out below, the geeky side of me loved them.
  • The music in the church was like nothing I’d heard before. It was traditional but contemporary at the same time. (They were called Arundo if you’re looking for something a bit different.)
  • The Cork / Down rivalry! It started before I arrived and I’m sure it continued long after I left!
  • Michaela and Tom live in Brussels so Belgian beer was a theme for the day, with the lads having a different beer each that morning, as well as personalised belgian beer on the head table and more varieties than I could count on the guest tables. It was like Charlie’s Chocolate Factory for adults! 😉
  • The hooley when Michaela and Tom arrived at the Charleville Park Hotel. The band from the church had set up at the hotel and they were so good that it ended up with a big ceili in the hotel reception!
  • Having presents for all of the children at the wedding underneath the hotel Christmas tree.
  • Michaela’s brother and first cousin played a cover of The Lumineers as the first dance song, it was epic.

Here’s a little taster of their day…

Sneak Peek – Noelle + Cian

dromoland castle wedding photography

Noelle and Cian were married in Raheen Church in Limerick and held their reception in  Dromoland Castle in Clare. Remember those crazy storms we had just after Christmas with all the flooding and chaos? Well, their wedding was in the middle of that! It didn’t dampen the spirits on the day – it was one of the most emotional weddings I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. Noelle and Cian met way back in secondary school when a boy asked a girl to go out with him. The boy obviously knew what he was doing because ten years later they are stronger than ever and their wedding was a real celebration of that.

Things I loved about Noelle and Cian’s wedding:

  • There’s something a little magic about Christmas weddings. Maybe it’s all the fairy lights! I think there’s a lovely warmth and cosiness to it and that was definitely the feeling at Noelle and Cian’s wedding.
  • Cian’s expression as Noelle walked down the aisle and his reaction to seeing her. It was a hugely emotional moment.
  • Having both of their mothers light the candles at the beginning of the ceremony was a lovely touch, as was having their grandparents bring up the gifts.
  • Going to the walled garden to take photographs even though it was flooded and windy and cold – but it was so much fun. 🙂
  • After Noelle threw her bouquet, Cian (who is a great rugby player) threw a rugby ball with the words “you’re next” on it into the crowd of guests!
  • The speeches. How do I describe them. They were the most heartfelt speeches ever. So tender and thoughtful and thankful. I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!
  • After the speeches we photographed all of the guests grouped by the month they were born in. 12 photographs which will make a really great calendar.

Here’s a little taster of their day…