Yay! It’s Friday! 🙂

Loving… being at The Societies Convention in London this week. I got to meet some amazing photographers, attended some interesting seminars and generally had a ball. I didn’t win in my category for Photographer of the Year (all together now – awwwwww!) but as I said at the time I was delighted to be nominated.

Photography is a bit different as a career for me because it’s a one-man-show. Without coworkers to bounce ideas off it’s sometimes hard to know if you are doing things in the best way. It was great to chat with other photographers in the same boat and photographers who have been in business for a very long time.

Laughing… at a Scottish joke that I’m not sure will work without a scottish accent, but here we go. I was one my way to the awards night with Jim Davies who was wearing his kilt. (He’s a true Scot!) We met a lady who had to share her favourite Scottish joke with us when she saw the kilt. Her joke went something like this…

A woman sees a guy wearing a kilt and asks him if he’s wearing anything under it.

Scotsman: Feel for yourself lass.

The woman feels under the kilt then yanks her hand away: Oh my God, it’s gruesome!!

Scotsman: Feel again lassie, it gruesome more.

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