Loving… finally getting some sunny weather! I was doing some preparation work for an upcoming wedding in the Burren during the week and it was so nice to be out in the sunshine. After the Spring we had we are definitely overdue a good Summer so hopefully there will be more days like this. Not a cloud in the sky! Oh yeah! poulnabrone dolmen summer

Laughing… with a sprightly grandmother at a recent family photo session. I was photographing a confirmation in a family home when the child’s grandmother took a shine to me. After complimenting how “hip” and “with it” I was, she asked if I would also be at the church later. When I said I would, she asked if I would walk her into the church. “You don’t have to stay with me in the church – you can leave after everyone has seen you walking me in”! Ha ha! I love working with people with such a good sense of humour. It really helped make the photo session a lot more fun for everyone.

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